Funko Gold Quickly Becoming Coveted Series Among Funatics

Pop Price Guide super user Javier Serrano, aka Fjaviserr, takes a look at Funko’s latest “gold” standard! Read more of his wonderful guest posts here!

When Funko announced its Gold series, and I watched the first concepts, I was surprised by the new premium vinyl figures. However, I was also very intrigued about how the packaging would be or how would these new stylized figures that introduces a new form factor be, thinking that this line would be produced in two scales, 5 and 12 inches.

Gold has been focused on legendary musicians and super-star athletes from the NBA and NFL, providing a prestigious level of quality to the Funko universe with the new designs. Before the official release, some Funko enthusiasts, including myself, believed that other franchises would be part of the newborn line, but it seems that it would be hard to see Darth Vader or Captain America like Gold figures.

The first figures that I saw at retail, were the ones of the smaller scale, and I was not very excited by them. But, when I found their big brothers of 12 inches, I must say, it was love at first sight, not just for the figures themselves, just for the amazing high-quality packaging as well. And it is weird because the shape for both scales is the same and the elegant black and gold box is very similar too, but I have got the feeling that I am buying different figures.

Nowadays, we have some 200 different Gold figures on Funko’s catalog, including both scales, and with some exceptions, most of them have their Chase version. Furthermore, Gold leaves us some curiosities, considering that it has been on the market less than two years, making it a very collectible line. So, let’s review some of them.

Back to 2021, we found some concepts that were changed at the last minute. The detail is on the sneakers, as was the case with Lebron James and James Harden. In my opinion, those concepts were much more remarkable than the final figures, sadly, now they belong to the long list of canceled Funko concept prototypes.

One of the first 12 inch vinyl figures on the market was Notorious B.I.G., which shows a small difference with the rest of the other super-size figure boxes. The box is the only one which has not got the golden lines in the front and the sides of the box, making it a unique piece of this series and a must-have for Gold collectors.

Following the marketing actions of that year, at ComplexCon 2021, part of the audience could get the Funko Gold – ComplexCon Promotional Packaging, the most wanted and the only set of this series which is simply extraordinary. The stylish and highly detailed case includes four random figures, two of each scale, bringing an elegant and extraordinary set to our collections.

As we expected, we also found some limited treasures among Gold, in particular the 12-inch Chase version of the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, the most limited of them until now, with 375 pieces produced. This hard-to-find jewel was exclusively sold at Funko Shop.New surprises and interesting facts will come from everything related to Gold, which is playing an important role in the world of Funko right now. And one thing is sure, it has the original and unmistakable touch of the King Midas of the toy industry these days. So, it will not be shocking to see more releases, as recently at Funko Toy Fair with the first neon colors figure of the line, Jimi Hendrix (Blacklight). In the meantime, I am already curious to see the upcoming MLB Gold figures.

It is not a secret that there are mixed feelings among Funatics about this series. Some love it, some do not. In the end, as collectors, we never know what kind of figure has the power to catch our attention. However, when it comes to Gold, and just my opinion, I feel like those miners from the Wild West looking for the biggest gold nugget.



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  1. This does not seem accurate at all. I have not found more than like 5 people who may buy these. i have over 900 pops and I would never touch these. I’ve even walked past multiple chases on multiple occasions.

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