Clockwork Orange Most Ever Paid for Individual Funko Pop!

We’re happy to report a record-breaking Funko Pop! sale that can best be described as “eye opening.”

The recent $60,000 sale of Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark) makes it the second-most ever paid for a Funko item and the most ever doled out for an individual Pop! figure.

The sale went down in November and has since been authenticated by the Pop Price Guide Verification Team. The Pop! is one of just 24 made (12 of them Chase pieces) that survived after some legal wrangling shut down the planned original production in 2012.

It’s now the second highest amount ever paid for a Funko collectible, behind the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket 2-Pack, which was purchased in May of 2022 for $100,000 by PPG Shareholder GrailMonster.

GrailMonster wasn’t done there, adding Freddy Funko as Tony Stark (Metallic) for $43,000 – the previous record for an individual Pop!

Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark)


PPG Verification Team


Prices for higher end Funko Pop! figures can be tough to authenticate as they often take place in the private sector, away from the likes of eBay, Mercari, etc.

That’s where the PPG Verification Team steps up. Our team of experts thoroughly vets higher end sales or purchases of $1,000 and up.

Check out more about the Verification process by following this link. Have a high end sale you’d like to have verified for your collection? Let us know at


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