Introducing Pop! Classics: Batman, Which Original Funko Pop! Do You Want To See Next?

The Caped Crusader has returned to his old form!

Funko is celebrating its 25th Funniversary by re-introducing a Pop! that many of us thought we’d never own. Batman 01 has returned, courtesy of Funko’s Pop! Classics series, which aims to commemorate some of the original Pop!s that help put the company on the map.

The updated Funko-Shop Batman arrives with a coin, pin and trading card and has an exclusivity of 25,000.

What’s a classic Pop! that you would like to see Funko create? Tell us in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Introducing Pop! Classics: Batman, Which Original Funko Pop! Do You Want To See Next?

  1. None. I would prefer them to get vaulted and not be rereleased. Funko is known for collectibles if Funko starts reproducing their products it will soon become another toy company which will have the same results as Beanie Babies. Collecting is fun when you have to hunt for what you want and not just have every retailer with the same overproduced products.

    1. actually some toy or figure companies sometimes tend to rerelease their older versions of their products to earn more money and don’t have to make the older one again as in it’s a totally normal thing to unvault them if they want as long it’s an upgraded mould and not like the original one.

    2. Agree but let’s face it, Funko is well on their way to being a typical toy manufacturer. They already look for ways of making exclusives easy to get. take the Eric Draven SDCC exclusive. “limited to 15,000”. Oh wait, no, now there is the 15,000 pc Convention exclusive. That’s 30,000 for a 15,000 PC release. Hold on, I forgot the international version of 5000. Now we’re at 35,000 for a “15,000 pc limited Convention exclusive”. Does ANYONE even consider 35,000 “limited”?

  2. None that were a numbered limited release, once vaulted it should NEVER be reproduced (I’d be upset if I owned a 24 pc Pop and they made more) but for the sake of the discussion I’d go with any of the Mars Attacks pops. I love these pops but can’t afford these on the secondary market.

  3. There would be 50 thousand Batman’s if pc here in Australia got the full 25 thousand as well and do not forget they get all the funko shop pops as well so add that up they are not that rare just like most con pops now and and who no how many restocks of so many others now

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