Pop Price Guide Road Map to Success in 2023

Pop Price Guide enjoyed another banner year in 2022 and from the looks of it, 2023 is set up to be even better.

That includes more than 7,000 Funko collectibles added to PPG within the last year!

We have tons of new and fun features planned for the coming year, all designed to maximize your Funko collecting experience.

And you can play a part in the excitement as a member of the PPG Squad and / or as an investor in our latest round of PPG Crowdfunding.


Even More Comprehensive Funko Coverage

Our mission since Day One has always been to provide the most complete Funko database and price guide possible.

In addition to newly released and announced items arriving earlier in the guide, we’ll be expanding our database even further with more Sticker Variants, Autographed items, and lots more Prototypes. And Customs! And you can not look at any of these if you do not want to…



P.S. – there are some pretty neat Custom Pop!s out there from some extremely talented artists. We recommend giving them a look. Stay tuned for more!

You will find us also adding more background info, for example data-driven articles such as the Top-10 Most Valuable SDCC Pop!s and others from some of the best collectors out there, such as Javier Serrano’s the History of the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. More about this here and contact us if you are a writer and have a story to tell!


All the Price Points!

An expanded price guide doesn’t end when we simply add new items to the database.

Last year we were able to provide some diversity in the guide by incorporating price points from the likes of Mercari, many new auction houses, and our first very select Whatnot vendor. In 2023, we’ll be adding new Funko Specialist Auction House prices (PPG has some plans here as do some of the bigger Collectible Auction Houses) and more properly vetted Whatnot sources.

Also, keep an eye out for –

  • How do values for Loose items in near mint/ mint condition sound?
  • We’re also planning to create a new button that will allow you to update your collection value in real-time (would you want that?).

Find more about PPG’s role in reporting what currently feels like ever-increasing Estimated Values here.


Price Patrol and PPG Squad

Our PPG Squad are also getting some spiffy new tools to keep prices even more up-to-date.

Our team has developed new features to allow our hobbyDB Squad Curators to amend Subject Pages (where you’ll find your favorite franchises, characters, designer, series, etc.) and items much easier.


Have you flagged an item that we need to tend to? Our expanded team and features have us aiming for close to a 1-2 day turn-around when it comes to resolving Flags. And thus ensuring an ever more accurate guide (thanks to everybody that cares and flags – there are a lot of you!).

The Price Patrol is our newest tool that allocates certain Funko POPs to our most experienced Squad Members. They then “patrol” a specific area of the Price Guide that matches their expertise. They check Price Points for quality, flagging and removing any that don’t meet our quality standards, and adding new Price Points to each item so the Estimated Values in their section of the Price Guide stay up to date.


Stop Fakes!

We’re always looking for the best ways to combat fake items and prices from finding their way into the guide. In the coming year, you’ll find hundreds of new images (such as the one of Captain Rex below) depicting fake items on PPG to help you delineate between fake and authentic Funko items.



Top Grades?

We believe Graded items will play a major role in the future of collecting Funko Pop! figures (here is more on that). In addition to lots more Graded items in the guide, we’ll also be adding Estimated Values for Graded items and the ability to add Population reports.



Check out our recent partnership with the grading service PSA by clicking here.


Lots More to Come!

You can also factor in faster site speed, more PPG Marketplace tools, allowing you to add barcodes to your POPs and have the App find them (maybe put the barcode on the protector if you want to have it graded, LOL), and more improvements for the PPG mobile experience.

Plus, if time allows us, more currencies for collectors around the world (you can find our complete Roadmap here).

Hey, maybe we finally get to do PPGcon!  You can see why we’re truly excited about what lies ahead in 2023.


Get Involved

We could not do any of this besides our valiant Squad Members.  Thanks, Gals and Guys!

And we want you to be a part of it!  Follow this link to see how you can become an owner (and investor) today via our latest round of PPG Crowdfunding. Want to bring your expertise to the guide? Give our PPG Squad a look here!

As always, we’re open to questions, concerns, and kudos by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com!



12 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide Road Map to Success in 2023

  1. i saw you guys were linked to by the former Pops For Patients (now Playtime For Patients)—can you explain what kind of partnership exists there? i’ve been donating to the san diego chapter for a few years now.

  2. it’s good to see you are addressing fakes. I’ve noticed a huge uptick in fake pop’s from China on E-bay. maybe add a scroll to top of page option?

    1. We got the Retail Price for that now. Plus all the other Price Sources we have added. If you want to help to do this get in touch please!

    1. There is no limit to photos that can be uploaded to an entry. Why would you want to see the undersides of the feet? Or do you mean the underside of the box?

    1. If this is about the photos, yes, that is already possible. Our Gallery is explained in more details here. Do you want to help doing this? More on joining the Squad here.

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