Round 4 of Crowdfunding Now Open: Own a Piece of Pop Price Guide


Whether you collect the Funko Pop!s that you love or simply love to collect Funko Pop!s, there will always be a place at Pop Price Guide for you to call your collectibles home.

Fostering a vibrant community of Funko collectors and beyond has always been a primary goal of ours ever since we partnered with hobbyDB on their mission to document 100 billion collectibles… eventually.

We’re able to do this because hobbyDB and PPG are built and owned by passionate collectors such as yourself.


Pop Price Guide Crowdfunding


Once again we’re happy to announce the opening of our latest round of Pop Price Guide Crowdfunding and your opportunity to own a piece of the site that your support helped to create.

Investing in PPG Crowdfunding is not a donation, it is buying you shares in the company that owns and operates hobbyDB. Your investment via the “Kickstarter-for-equity” type platform helps us to fund new and existing features on the site and lots more.

The best part? As an owner, when we do well, so will you.

Check out our new and improved Wefunder profile and video that reflects our progress over the last year!



Join the Collectibles Revolution!


By investing in PPG and hobbyDB, you’ll join more than 1,200 fellow shareholders ranging from Funko collectors such as yourself to industry leaders from Disney, Hot Wheels and Collectors Universe, to name a few.

Check out the industry supporters that have already invested in Pop Price Guide –



Crowdfunding Helps Us Soar to New Heights


Crowdfunding works. Besides always wanting to ensure our community can own a piece of a site that they love, our previous campaign enabled us to –

  • Zoom past 200K App downloads, gaining an impressive 4.8 rating with iOS users
  • Grow our monthly contribution margin from Funko by 68% YOY (now at $420,000 annual)
  • Partner with multiple Industry Veterans to introduce new services to the community such as Collectible Grading with PSA
  • Launch new ways for our community to make money such as bulk collection selling and a Shopify App (coming this quarter)
  • Surpass 580,000 community members, whose collections are worth more than $5.7 Billion (all potential inventory)



Coming Soon to Pop Price Guide


That’s just the beginning. We have lots of new features and upgrades planned for 2023 and beyond.


Pop Price Guide App

We’ll be upgrading the app in an effort to make it the No. 1 App among collectors. Keep an eye out for usability upgrades and Image Matching Software arriving on the App later this year.



New Marketplace Experience

Get ready to shop until you drop. We’re beefing up with brand new features – including Auctions and a Shopify App – designed to make the hobbyDB Marketplace THE shopping destination for all things collectible.


Value and Manage your Graded/Autographed Items

This is particularly good news for our Funko fanatics out there as we begin the process of creating the ability to add Graded items, such as Pop!s, to your collection. Click here to read more regarding our recent partnership with the grading company PSA. We plan to add estimated values of graded items so you can see the differences in price if there is one.


Data! Data! Data!

Collect more than Funko? We’ll be adding thousands of new items from your favorite brands and franchises, while supercharging the guide with new and more price points. See how you can help by joining more than 2,000 members as part of the PPG Squad.


Invest Today!


It’s been our dream since Day One to afford our members and the community a chance to benefit from owning a part of the resource that they helped to build. So when crowdfunding became available, we knew that it was the right choice for our community.

We’re opening our doors to collectors worldwide and giving you the opportunity to own a piece of Pop Price Guide and the hobbyDB family of brands (including The Toy Peddler).



It used to be that investing in awesome projects and great teams making cool things (and potentially lots of $$$) was just for the top percent. But now, thanks to the JOBS Act, EVERYONE gets the opportunity to own a piece of something great that they love! Equity crowdfunding basically allows anyone to easily invest in early-stage pre-IPO companies that they believe will do great things!

By uniting fans of all kinds, we’ll be able to shape the future of collecting and create a resource that we all love to use. As hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide grows, so does our power!

The collectibles industry annually generates roughly $500 billion in revenue.

And now here’s your chance to get a foot in the door.

Are you ready to become an owner of Pop Price Guide and the hobbyDB family of brands? Follow the link below for complete details about the campaign, including how you can easily invest today.


We’re here to answer any questions. Message us at and we’ll do our best to address any questions or concerns.

Thank you for believing in us!

– Alexandra, Christian, Christopher, Isaac, Timo & Zack

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  1. I was wondering of anyone would have any idea what the name of this Funko would be from 2015? I got it from co-worker who lived in Hawaii and he said it was some sort of Hawaiian god. It has the number A299 stamped on the foot. It has no box. If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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