Pop Price Guide App: Most-Scanned Funko Pop!s in December

The Pop Price Guide App closed out the 2023 year in grand style with another big month!

Thousands of users took advantage of the App’s barcode scanning technology to quickly add items to their collections, perform easy in-store research and lots more. But only one Funko Pop! can stake the claim as the Most Scanned during the month of December and that is…you’re gonna have to scroll to find out.

Tell us in the comments which Pop!s you’ve recently added to your collection!

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Top-20 Most Scanned Funko Pop!s in December


20. Harley Quinn with Cards



19. Naruto Uzumaki as Nine Tails


18. The Riddler (L.A. Comic Con)



17. Glowing Mr. Burns



16. Polaroid Camera



15. Cell (2nd Form)



14. Batman



13. Yuletide Freddy



12. Five-Headed Dragon



11. Emperor Palpatine (Retro)



10. Spider-Man Oscorp Suit



9. Summoned Skull



8. The Brave and the Bold



7. President Loki



6. Robin / Steve / Vecna



5. Ben Kenobi (Retro)



4. Aquaman



3. Iron Man (Midnight Suns)



2. Spider-Man (Bug-Eyes Armor)



1. Ulquiorra



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