Funko Pop! Exclusives: The Other Willy Wonka Golden Ticket…

The Golden Ticket. Willy Wonka’s coveted grail has taken on a life of its own in Funko lore.

Lucky holders of the Golden Ticket in 2016 at San Diego Comic-Con’s Funko Fundays were awarded the Golden Ticket 2-Pack, a set that is so exclusive, only four are believed to have been released to the public.

The remaining six of the 10 Golden Ticket 2-Packs originally created were rumored to have been given to employees or friends of the company.

The golden Pop! combo set a record in the spring of 2022, with a private sale of 100K by PPG shareholder GrailMonster. Read more about that sale here!


The Other Golden Ticket


It turns out, that wasn’t Funko’s only Golden Ticket promotion. Two years earlier at the 2014 New York Comic-Con, Funko issued exclusive Toy Tokyo X MINDStyle Golden Tickets.

Those who scored a Golden Ticket could redeem it at the Toy Tokyo booth for a prototype from Pop! Universal Monsters and Pop! Asia (MINDStyle). See them here!

Who Owns ‘Em?


So we want to know…where are the prototypes?

Who were the lucky winners to strike gold? Is anyone fortunate enough to own any of them?

If so, we want to hear about them!

We would also love a chance to authenticate your prototype via our PPG Big Ticket Task Force. Our panel of experts helps to not only authenticate, but document prices on some of the rarer and higher-end sales – transactions that usually take place in the private sector and not on the likes of eBay, Mercari, etc.

Read more here! If you’re one of the lucky owners, let us know at and we’ll be in touch!

7 thoughts on “Funko Pop! Exclusives: The Other Willy Wonka Golden Ticket…

      1. they tried that with the Ad icons origi al Geoffrey pop. not sure if anyone ever won though because it had a time limit on the tickets and so many got snatched up by resellers and we’re never opened. but they did do that. so technically it’s the other, other, other golden ticket.

        I think the prize was a tour of Funko before the actual headquarters store had opened up.

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