Collector Showcase: The Flocked World of Randy Kubek


When it comes to collecting Funko Pop!s, it’s the flocked figures that make Randy Kubek feel warm and fuzzy.

Randy, aka Dirty_duck_sales, shows off his impressive collection, which includes ALMOST every Flocked Funko Pop! ever made!

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Over to you, Randy!


What was your first Funko Pop! and when / how did you get it?

Actually my first three Funko Pop!s were Captain Spaulding, Pennywise and Hannibal Lecter. I bought all three at Hot Topic when they first came out in 2014.


What got you hooked?

When I bought my first ones I thought they were cool and was a fan of the character Captain Spaulding in The Devil’s Rejects. Then I just started collecting any that I thought were cool looking.



How big would you estimate your collection is?

If I had to guess I’d say around 600 total Funko Pop!s. At one point I probably had over 1,000.


What makes Flocked Pop!s the best?

I’m not going to say flocked Pop!s are the best, they are something I found interesting and sort of a “special edition” of other Pop!s.



How many Flocked Pop!s do you own?

Currently I own 249 flocked Pop!s which eight of those are custom. I also have one on the way.


What’s your favorite Flocked Pop!?

It’s hard to choose a favorite flocked Pop! but if I had to I’d say Ralphie in the Bunny Suit.



What’s your most valuable Flocked Pop!?

2011 San Diego Comic Con flocked Chewbacca.


What’s a Flocked Pop! that your collection is missing?

If my calculations are correct I am only missing five flocked Pop!s to own all of them that have been made. But they are 18-inch Groot, Gizmo VHS Cover, Niffler and both Baby Milo prototype flocked Pop!s.



What do you consider your grail and do you own it?

A major grail for me is Garruk Wildspeaker PAX exclusive. I do own it and it took a few years to find one in near mint condition. My other grails would be the Baby Milo flocked Pop!s and currently looking for them.


Why collect Funko?

I have had many different hobbies, including collecting sports cards, car audio and off roading. Collecting Funko Pop!s I am able to collect characters I find interesting and at some point there would be a return on them if I were to sell them. I chose to concentrate on flocked Pop!s because you see a lot of people collect different genres like Disney, DC, and Marvel just to make a few.


Thanks, Randy!



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