What Will Happen to My Collection After I’m Gone?

“The thought passes by us occasionally, doesn’t it?

“What will happen to my collection when I’m gone?”

For some, it’s not an issue. We enjoy our collection; we enjoy the hobby and what happens afterward doesn’t really matter. For others, we’ve put a lot of effort into amassing this precious hoard of you-fill-in-the-blanks. It has real value and can be either a source of enjoyment or, at the least, a financial resource for those we leave behind. For even others of us, our passion has run its course and we’re ready to liquidate and move on to something else…”

John Kuvakas, an expert when it comes to model cars, shares his thoughts, precautions and tips when it comes to protecting your loved ones and your collection after you’ve passed on. Give it a read via our partner site hobbyDB by clicking the button below.



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