Most Pop!ular Funko Pop! of 2022 – No. 8 Captain America

We’re counting down the Top-10 Most Popular Funko Pop!s of 2022 based on YOU! the members of Pop Price Guide and your collections.

Which among the thousands of Pop!s added to the Funkoverse during the last 12 months are owned by the most PPG’ers? We decided to celebrate the year with a look.

Coming in at No. 8 is the newly minted…Captain America (Blacklight)!

The Marvel hero sits on the shelves of 2,795 PPG members and can be found on another 65 wish lists.

Are you among those owners??

Tune in tomorrow to see No. 7!

No. 10 – Cobb Vanth

No. 9 – Scarlet Witch with Darkhold (Blacklight)


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