Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! Values on the Rise, Get Yours Here!

The estimated values of Funko Pop! figures are on the rise. As we recently documented, valuations for the Top-10 Most Valuable Pop!s have risen by a combined median of 382 percent!

But those trends aren’t reserved solely for the most coveted of Funko grails. We’re seeing evidence of rising values throughout the FunkoVerse. That includes Amazon Exclusives.

Traditionally speaking, higher-end Amazon exclusives have trended in the moderate range from $50 to $100. But that trend is now pointing north. Here’s an example of Han Solo in Millennium Falcon

Han Solo in Millennium Falcon


And the Princess Bride’s Fezzik, represented by none other than Andre the Giant –



We decided to take a look at the most valuable Amazon exclusives and shared exclusives found on Pop Price Guide and compare them against deals on Amazon.

Unfortunately, we could not find the most valuable Amazon exclusive of them all…the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Glow in the Dark) with its $750 estimated PPG value. But we did find a lot of other great Pop! figures. Take a peek at them below!


We Want to Know


We’re taking a look at some of the different marketplaces when it comes to buying and collecting, beginning with Amazon, and would like to pick your brain.

  • What do you like about using Amazon and, more importantly, what are some of your favorite exclusives to collect?
  • Are there drawbacks to using Amazon or something you’d like to see them improve? Let us know in the comments below!
  • What are some other marketplaces — i.e. Entertainment Earth, Pop In A Box, etc. — that you’d like to see us highlight?


Now for the fun stuff!

Below you’ll find a few of the more valuable Amazon Exclusives, including how you can add them to your collection or stash away for that special someone on Christmas morning. All at a comparable PPG estimated value!


Cursed Captain Barbossa with Monkey





Baymax (Glow in the Dark)




Thor | Captain America | Black Widow | Hawkeye | Hulk | Iron Man






Captain America: Through the Ages






Hei Hei










Star Wars Holiday Snowman (5-pack)




Ariel – The Little Mermaid





Plane Crazy Minnie | Minnie on Ice | Princess Minnie | Totally Minnie | Minnie Mouse




Star Wars Duel of Fates: Qui-Gonn Jinn




Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore with the Mirror of Erised

Buy Here!



Bulbasaur (Flocked)




Byer’s House: Hopper




F.U.N. Spongebob




Winnie the Pooh




Avengers Assmeble: Hulk




14 thoughts on “Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! Values on the Rise, Get Yours Here!

  1. Amazon has some awesome Funko Pops right now I like the Star Wars Power of the Galaxy collection. One thing Amazon should do is ship Funko Pops better protected. It’s always a gamble when ordering them. Wandering if they would come in good condition. If they would be dented, torn, or opened. I like Amazon it’s just the shipping isn’t too good and they should work on that. Sometimes I would get used pops when they are sold as new also. Other than that I love Amazon exclusives.

    1. I stopped getting Pops through Amazon. As you said they hardly arrived in their original boxes and not properly protected. They also put their own warehouse tracking bar code directly on the open boxes over the Funko barcode. So good luck taking that sticker off the box without damaging the value. They are not worth the time and money with due to the crapshoot and poor handling.

      1. I find a good old fashioned razor blade from a box cutter can get around that. but you have to be Uber careful. take the blade and wiggle it under the adhesive strip. work your way back with the blade slowly and carefully. lift the label as you go so it’s easier for the blade to get underneath without damaging box. I worked at roses we did that stuff all the time. just had to be careful. yet we had to unload riding mowers in a huge box with just one person working the trucks, so yeah safety was not a rule more of a casual rumor lol

    1. Amazon has its ups and downs. Ironically,when I started collecting pops I used to purchase exclusively from Amazon. There are actually a few very important key points to take into consideration.

      I’ll start by saying that as a retail manager for many years, Amazon has the most outstanding customer service in the industry that I have seen in quite some time.
      Now as far as pops go.

      1. Most of the pops would be considered mint as they generally come from directly from the distributor. They do have what I would call b grade pops that range from “used like new” to “acceptable”. The only problem is you can’t see how bad the damage is to the pop they don’t have any photographs of individual runs which of course it’s understandable.( the vast majoy of the time the damages to the box not to the pop itself)

      2. Because most other venues have so many third-party sellers, Amazon is often not the least expensive place to purchase pops from, unlike many of their other items. they don’t offer negotiation on prices or options etc.
      3. Many times the pops will come damaged. most people, as I couldn’t imagine when I first started, would never assume that the box has more of a determining Factor of value then what is inside of it. I will tell you from personal experience and reading many of the comments that their staff is not trained accordingly and how to properly handle shipping pops.

      4. They sell directly from their warehouse but they also allow third party vendors to sell. Many times the third party vendors might be a little bit less expensive. However to be honest, from experience I’m likely to pay a few dollars more to have Amazon as the distributor they’re much easier to work with if you do have any damage defects etc. I have always only been a prime member so to be honest I’m not sure how shipping and returns work for non prime members. For prime members ,shipping and returns from Amazon are free
      When dealing with the third party many times you have to pay for one of the other.

      In general if the item is received damaged or has a defect you will not pay for the return shipping. . under other conditions, say for example you changed your mind or it was a gift. Henerally you required to repay the return postage.

      To recap ,absolutely the best customer service and simplicity of returns. Many customers do receive damaged items from poor packing however they will not give you any hassle and returning or exchanging. Try to avoid the third pretty vendors, however Amazon does have what’s called the A to Z guarantee. This is where if the third party is being unethical unprofessional or unreasonable Amazon will step in and 99% of the time Amazon is going to take care of the customer.
      it will tell you when you order the item who distributes the item and who is selling the item and exactly remember the format but it’s written in light blue underneath the item description.

    2. I ordered a pop from amazon not a third party and it said it was new. I got tired of returning and getting it damaged so I decided to keep it and took the pop out of box because the box was too damaged. It was a chrome pop and it had finger prints on it and the base the figure stands on had scratches and scuff all over the bottom of it. It seemed like it was taken out and put back in and sent to me. This has happened a couple of times. Things happen and they could have been mistakenly sold as new. I do like amazon they have some nice looking pops and they sell a lot of things I like. They just need to work on shipping funko pops especially if they are going to sell funko exclusives.

  2. I too feel it’s hit and miss on condition due to shipping. Otherwise I usually get the sort box on them which is great for large ones. I collect and sell I think entertainment earth is the worst shipping ever. I have got pops in shipping bags in better shape which is amazing.

  3. I agree that shipping is iffy with Amazon, if you’re an in box collector, but they do have some great exclusives! For the most part, I’ve had more pops arrive undamaged than damaged but I haven’t ordered a lot of pops from Amazon, mostly because of the fear of getting a damaged box.

  4. The majority of Pops I buy on Amazon arrive damaged. The Amazon exclusive Stranger Things Hopper Build-a-Scene I literally bought and exchanged ten times until one finally arrived that was decent enough to keep (but still slightly damaged). Amazon will let you exchange an item only once too. If the exchange shows up damaged too, you have to return it for a refund then reorder it all over again, so if you initially purchased a Pop on sale at a discount, that price will likely be gone by the time you get a good one. You’ll have to pay whatever the current price of the item is when you repurchase it. That’s why a lot of the Pops I get on sale on Prime Day or Cyber Monday wind up costing me full price in the end anyway. It’s a shame that Amazon workers routinely just toss Funko’s into a box with no shipping protection, costing both Amazon and it’s customers more money.

  5. Yep, I gave up as well on them. If I really like one I might try the aftermarket – let somebody else take the risk of the delivery.

  6. As a Pop collector and unfortunately right now short term packer at Amazon, I’ve come across so many damaged boxes that we are told to send regardless because they went through damage screen process and are deemed “not damaged enough” by employees that dont give a F… I do my best personally to ensure each pop is protected as best I can within what I’m allowed. I recently bought the new 2099 Spiderman while on black Friday sale from Amazon and the box was basically punched from.the top. LPN sticker on it in a ready to ship bag tossed into a box with no airpak. No refund allowed but a replacement was sent, probably going to arrive in worse condition tbh. Right now especially is a horrible time to order collectibles from Amazon because the employees are so on edge and ready to quit (or already have) because they didnt grant us Peak Pay for the busy season, mandated an extra 15hrs a week of OT, took away shift swap possibilities, etc. really just screwed us over and I’ve seen tons of awesome pops, statues, manga, etc. just getting thrown around, shoved into boxes, literally spiked onto the conveyor belts where they still await a 15 foot drop into a storage cart where you pray its at the top otherwise its under 200lbs of other packages also falling that 15ft. it’s a mess. Like I said, I try to do my part as if I were sending it to myself, but I’m a mere small piece of this larger machine.

    Best wishes fellow collectors. happy hunting.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing these insights with us. We will see if we can get these to somebody at Amazon (is in all of our interest as they just have a lot of Exclusives).

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