Adding and Separating Graded Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

We here are Pop Price Guide always believed (and now know) that Graded Funko Pop! figures are a big part of the future of collecting, if you like them or not.

With the popularity of Graded figures clearly on the rise, now comes the task of adding them to Pop Price Guide in an easily manageable and efficient manner and this has become more urgent last week.  Why?  Meet the first Mint Gem 10 graded Ms. Marvel and what she did to our Estimated Value!


That was a 15x Lift!  Is a 10 worth that, who knows?  But should it change the EV to that extent?  Cleary no!

We had to take action.


Phase One (launched today)

All Price Points for Funko Pop! figures graded 9 or 10 will be moved to a new “Holding Page” for now.   Think of it as Quarantine…

So we are adding them but are not currently displaying them (we want the data for when we are ready).  We will also review the Grades that get paused (for now we think 8 is the equivalent to our current Near Mint / Mint).

NOTE.  4 or 5 Estimated Values will change overnight as we move Price Points out.


Phase Two

Planned for the end of January we’ll create the ability to add the Grades of Price Points directly to the Database Item. Price Points 9 and above will show on the page but will not be calculated into its Estimated Value during this phase.


Phase Three

Towards the beginning of the spring in March or April, we’ll introduce the final stage.

Check out the Mockup –



Note that you’ll now find price tiers for Graded Pop!s, in addition to Ungraded Estimated Values for In Box and Loose figures, as well.

Give it a look and let us know what you think!

Comment below with any questions, concerns and kudos or message us at and we’ll do our best to address them.

9 thoughts on “Adding and Separating Graded Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

  1. I think it’s a terrible idea for graded funko pops it kills the price point on pops also not everyone can afford to get all their pops graded or even some of them it’s alright for American collectors who are close to ship there pop easily and cheaply to graders like psa but for the rest of the world it’s just not feasible unless you have more money to throw at your collection the only space this is going to help is the American market and it’s going to kill it for everybody else it’s just like the autograph funko pops who can afford to buy those and now that they are on ppg prices of non autographed pops are down in value it’s another benefit to American collectors they can more easily meet celebrities not like in Canada the prices on the autographed pops are totally off the mark example a lupita nyong’o autograph is worth around 100 dollars max yet the 12 dollar funko pop signed by her is 300 dollars it’s silly a photo signed by her goes for around 120 but a 12 dollar pop is 300 makes no sense 7 bucks a pop is making a fortune off of collectors for autographs funko pop collecting is something I love to do and I have lots of pops but the money game everyone is playing is ruining it for collectors that love the product if somebody has an autographed pop and they want to sell it list it and get what you get keep all the malarkey off of ppg examples autographs/customs/grading all these things are making regular pops less valuable for the fan the real collectors thank you bye the way I love ppg I just don’t like all the extra add ons that make me feel like my collection sucks because I have nothing unique anymore even my rare ones don’t seam as special anymore

    1. This is all optional – some people love them and some hate them. We are working hard to show you what you like (Autographed, Customs, Errors, Graded, Prototypes, etc).

    2. for actual SDCC LE grails…its great for authentication aspect. for resale purposes and for buyers to have a real Grail Funko Pop

    3. kills the hobby? what are you smoking? with the amount of fake and counterfeiters out there its the only way to be sure

      1. We smoke good stuff (helps to live in Colorado). I agree, this could be a good thing for Grails. Let us know if you graded anything and you liked the result.

  2. Guys Guys it’s not the extra it’s the original Funko who can one day be the Big Boy and vault all there pops and keep all others to a reasonable amount it’s a collectable and not a toy you keep producing because that’s what you buy for the kids. Are you are kid or play with kids toys Funko collectors we just looking for Mike a Brian to bring back what we all love. Let’s ask them to vault there Funko pop’s please. Collectors sine 2012

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