Top-20 Most Valuable Non-Freddy Funko Pop! Figures

When it comes to Funko, its venerable mascot Freddy Funko is king.

That’s evident by taking a look at the most valuable Funko items of all-time. Check out our list here. But as popular as he might be, there are lots and lots of valuable Pop!s not dedicated to Freddy.

With the value of higher end Pops! on the rise (Top-10 up 382%!), we decided to take a look.

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as the PPG Price Verification Squad continues to diligently vet the sales of higher end Pop!s worth $1,000 and up. Read more about the Team and its goal here. Also make sure to follow this link for a current list of the Most Valuable Non-Freddy Funko Pop! figures on PPG.


Top-20 Most Valuable Non-Freddy Funko Pop!s


20. Spider-Man (Japan Premier) ($3,990)



19. Dan Wilson (Silver) ($4,000)


18. Batman (Blue) (Metallic) (Funko Force 2.0) ($4,350)



17. Loki (Avengers) ($4,390)




16. Planet Arlia Vegeta ($4,540)


15. Luke Skywalker (Final Battle Gold) ($4,770)



14. T-Bone (Pink) (Metallic) ($5,050)



13. Holographic Darth Maul ($6,250)


12. Reggae Rasta (Green) ($6,330)



11. Ninja Batty (Shogun) (Red) (Metallic) ($6,630)



10. Batman (Silver) ($6,910)




9. Stan Lee (Superhero) (Metallic) ($7,570)




8. The Thing (Metallic with Black Eyes) ($7,950)



7. Ken Griffey Jr. (Gold) ($8,100)



6. Dumbo (Clown) ($8,410)




5. Spider-Man (Metallic) ($9,120)




4. Boo Berry (Glow in the Dark) ($12,840)




3. Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark) $26,060)



2. Clockwork Orange ($30,350)


1. Golden Ticket (2-pack) ($71,670)


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14 thoughts on “Top-20 Most Valuable Non-Freddy Funko Pop! Figures

    1. I assume that is because they are Autographed and we excluded those. As they were all autographed maybe we should have allowed that one in. Here the silver version with an EV of $18,000.

    1. We normally do not post these troll comments. Funkosuxk has a made-up email and obviously does not like Funko POPs (I wonder why she or he wastes their time reading about them) but thought I let one of these comments through so people see them. BTW, there are still some higher-value Beanie Babies.

      1. That is what I said? So not sure that proves me wrong? There are around 15 Beanie Babies that are rare but most of the transactions you see on eBay are with 1 Bid starting at $20,000 and are a lure to find a sucker that bids more. This one is more like the top of Beanie Baby collecting.

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