Top-10 Most Valuable Funko Pop! Figures, Skyrocketing Values and the Year of the Funko

If you’re one of the fortunate few that are lucky to own a higher end Funko Pop! or “grail,” then the last year has been particularly good for you…and then some.

It has us wondering…is 2022 the year of Funko?

We’ve been examining trends of estimated values between now and a year ago and have noticed a stark uptick in valuations of higher end items.

We’re talking about collectibles with limited editions of fewer than 1,000 items. We know these items have historically risen in value, but the last 12 months have been especially favorable for the higher end Funko collector.

All told, the Top-10 most valuable Funko Pop! figures on PPG saw a median increase in estimated value of an eye-popping 382 percent!



Boom Go the Pop!s


We can’t say for certain what caused the influx of higher end sales.

We know other markets, such as trading cards and sneaker collecting, have experienced similar booms but have recently been in decline – possibly bringing in new collectors and traders.

Perhaps the pandemic played a role. A new generation of collectors could also be entering the market. Or our advanced age of social media, etc., is allowing these sales to be more public.

It’s possible higher end items began garnering more attention after the 100K purchase of the Golden Ticket (2-pack) by PPG shareholder GrailMonster in the Spring. Or it was us highlighting that historic sale and other high end transactions.

The true reason is likely a confluence of all of the above or a result of something we don’t even know to look for, yet.

Whatever the cause, the numbers don’t lie.

Save for one Pop! (Freddy Funko as V), the rest of the Top-10 saw their estimated values raise anywhere from 75 to 1,088 percent within the last year alone.

Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear (Metallic)


PPG Verification Squad


We’re looking to do our due diligence when it comes to documenting higher end sales. That’s courtesy of our Verification Squad, our trusted team of a dozen experts that thoroughly vet each sale over $1,000.

It’s a lot of work, but the result is a reliable feature for chronicling higher end sales that we have lacked until now.

The issue with tracking high end values on PPG is that sales of this magnitude traditionally take place in private and away from the likes of eBay and Mercari, et al. Not to mention that most of these sales happened years ago.

That is because there are just too many fakes out there and, as we all know, condition is so super important (hold your horses, we are also working on a scheme to make these sales safer).

For example, prior to GrailMonster’s $100K Willy Wonka purchase, the last documented sale of the Golden Ticket 2-pack was $15,000 and took place a half decade ago.

Calculations of Estimated Values are conservative and utilize all data, and take more than just the last Price Point into account (hence why the Golden Ticket is not just $100K).

Our Verification Team also added a pair of values this summer for Freddy Funko as Tony Stark (Metallic) at $43,000 and $37,000. Before then, our last documented sale of the Pop! with a limited edition of just 12 was $3,500 and occurred in May of 2016.



The Team operates discreetly and as safely as possible in a very private space to protect both buyer and seller. We never disclose private info.

It’s thanks to this team that we’re able to stay current and accurate. But there’s lots of work to be done.


What’s Coming Next?


The Team is currently examining other high end items and expects more, especially as we enter a new affiliation with the grading service PSA. Read about that new partnership here.

Will we see it spill over to the next tier of Pop!s? Particularly as services such authentication, encapsulation and grading are skyrocketing in popularity? Has that already begun to happen?

Sounds like we have some homework to do.

What do you think think the first Pop! with an estimated value of more than $100,000K will be?

Do you have a purchase of a high end grail that you’d like to submit to be vetted by our Verification Squad? Message us at and we’ll start the process.

Same goes for any questions, concerns you might have. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell us in the comments below!


Top-10 Most Valuable Funko Pop! figures on PPG and their Estimated Value percent increase from 2021 to 2022


10. Freddy Funko as The Joker (Glow in the Dark)

Was (2021): $3,500

Now (2022): $13,190

Percent Increase: 276.9%


9. Freddy Funko as Venom

Was: $7,750

Now: $18,780

Percent Increase: 129.4%



8. Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister (Bloody)

Was: $11,000

Now: $19,330

Percent Increase: 75.8%



7. Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear (Metallic)

Was: $4,000

Now: $23,110

Percent Increase: 477.8%



6. V (Metallic)

Was: $24,000

Now: $24,000

Percent Increase: None



5. Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear (Glow in the Dark)

Was: $6,000

Now: $24,250

Percent Increase: 304.2%



4. Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark)

Was: $13,800

Now: $26,060

Percent Increase: 88.8%



3. Clockwork Orange

Was: $2,580

Now: $30,650

Percent Increase: 1,088%


2. Freddy Funko as Tony Stark (Metallic)

Was: $3,500

Now: $38,660

Percent Increase: 1,004.6%



1. Willy Wonka Golden Ticket (2-pack)

Was: $15,000

Now: $71,670

Percent Increase: 377.8%


21 thoughts on “Top-10 Most Valuable Funko Pop! Figures, Skyrocketing Values and the Year of the Funko

    1. Price Points lose weight as part of the calculation and if there were 4 or 5 recent Price Points it would be irrelevant but if there is only a recent Price Point and one that is 18 months old one than it has some weight. So it depends.

  1. how about a Top 10 list without Freddy? The list feels like a “tooting our own horn” collection of self-promotion.

      1. How about “10 surprisingly valuable pops likely to be in your collection” or something to that effect. The reason these are valuable is due to scarcity (obviously) but no one is really running to theory shelf to check for these.

          1. A fundamental question of life. Why would somebody pay $100 million for a canvas with some paint on it.

        1. Great suggestion. Yes, it’s interesting to see a $12 Pop! be valued at $25K, etc. but most of us have average collections. Let’s keep the lists to something more realistic.

  2. I have the only known prototype of the original Freddy Funko Fun Klub Wacky Wobbler, signed by both Mike Becker and Brian Mariotti. Old school funatics will know who I am, many of them were at SDCC with me when I pulled it out of a BoF at the Funko booth. Never been sold, not planning to, but I’ve gotten offers. Hard to know what is reasonable for a one of a kind piece like this, but it didn’t really matter, I wasn’t I treated in selling.

    1. I think there are many reasons why people click that they own an item. Some might have owned one way back and sold it and others like the idea of owning one (for whatever reason). We have no control over this.

    2. Several factors contribute to this. The most likely answer is people not realizing exactly which one they own or wishful thinking on their part. It could also be that some members own multiple PPG Showcases in which it appears on both. Or it could also be people that owned it, but sold it and never updated their collection.

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