Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB Partner with Grading Service PSA

Getting into Grading Services was not a decision we took lightly. We surveyed 1,000 Pop Price Guide Members in September and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of adding Grading to PPG and its partner site hobbyDB.

We’ve witnessed an explosion of interest recently regarding Prototypes, Customs and, especially, Autographs, of which you’ll now find more than three thousand on Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB.

Read more about the survey here and see below how you can win a PSA Graded Funko Pop!

It’s clear that items such as Autographs and Customs, combined with Authentication and Encapsulation are on the rise in popularity and are a big part of the future of collecting.

All of which we believe will contribute to the rise and importance of grading services.

But which to trust? After extensive research and interviews, we’re excited to announce a new affiliation with PSA, the world’s largest third-party authentication company.




When it comes to grading, we’d rate our new partnership with Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) a GEM-MT 10.

Especially as PSA enters the world of grading Funko items!

David Hall, owner of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), founded PSA in 1991 and saw the company flourish as a leader in the early dot.com days as trust among sellers at card shows began to wane.

Since then, PSA has become an authority when it comes to grading cards, sport memorabilia and lots more. Here’s an example of what a PSA Graded Funko Pop! will look like –


Image via PSA


How PSA Grading Works


PSA provides your Pop! with five layers of services from Authentication, Grading and Security, to Preservation and Presentation.

Grading works the same as it does with PSA’s trading card evaluation, which has become the industry standard. That means your Pop! is graded on a numerical scale ranging from 1 (Poor) to 10 (Gem Mint) using 0.5 intervals.

Read more about the process here!




You’ll begin seeing lots more PSA links across Pop Price Guide with great opportunities to have your grails, and more, professionally graded by a source we trust.

And stay tuned! We’ll be sharing lots of informative and fun stuff from the world of grading Funko items and beyond, especially when comes to the impact it has on the value of your collection.

Already have a PSA Graded Funko Pop! or are planning to? Easily add it to your PPG Collection. Follow this link to see how.


Comment to Win!


To celebrate our new partnership, we’re looking to have some fun with a PSA Graded Funko Pop! Giveaway.

We have five great PSA Graded Funko Pop! figures to hand out. But first we’d like your thoughts.

Leave a comment below before Friday (Nov. 11) at 5 p.m. PST, telling us which of your Funko Pop!s that you would like to have graded and why.

Then tell us which Pop! from the list below that you’d love to win. Make sure to include your PPG Member Name in the comment to be eligible. Our team will select five winners at random.

  • Jimi Hendrix, PSA 9
  • Freddy Krueger, PSA 10
  • Darth Maul, PSA 9
  • Scarlet Witch, PSA 9
  • Tom Brady, PSA 9

Special thanks goes out to the team at PSA, including Angel, Mike, Ryan and Shree!

What are your thoughts on grading your Funko Pop!s and our new affiliation with PSA? What is something you’d like to see us explore in the future? Let us know what you think by commenting below or messaging us at support@hobbydb.com.



NOTE: The Winners have now been announced here.




658 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB Partner with Grading Service PSA

      1. Its a tough decision which one i would get graded first but it would definitely be between Freddy Funko as Carnage, Freddy Funko as Skeleton NFT Halloween, or my Rainn Wilson signed Scranton Strangler from the office and if i won i would for sure want Freddy Krueger to add to my horror collection !!

    1. i would have my leonidas from 300 pop grated
      it would be awesome towin the Freddy Kruger psa grated pop love horror movies and Freddy was my favorite horror movie character

    2. I would love to get my dexter pop from Dexter’s laboratory because it’s one of my favorite cartoons. And I would love to win the Jimi Hendrix. Thank you PPG

    3. I would get my Freddy Bender or Freddy Twisty (bloody) graded they are such rare pieces and in great shape! I’d love to win the PSA10 Freddy Kruger it would go great with my horror collection plus be my 1st graded pop! Thanks for the chance!!

    1. Same, After I saw Darth Maul the first time I bought his double bladed light saber (which was sadly destroyed) but he is one of my favorite Star wars characters.

  1. My pop I would like to be graded the most is probably my Alex delarge signed by Malcom mcdowell with a custom drawing of alex delarge on the side. Its probably my coolest funko pop. If i win id like to get the freddy krueger

    1. Wow that sounds like an awesome autographed Pop. I don’t have anything nearly that cool. I’d like to have my Lion-O graded because it’s my oldest one. I’d like to win the Scarlet Witch because I’m a Marvel nerd.

  2. probably my Bruce Campbell signed Ash or Roger Rabbit. those are probably my favorite pops and would be awesome to know that they would be safe and that they will forever be preserved in the condition that they already are. And if I win, I’d love any of them, Darth Maul and scarlet witch, though, would be my favorites especially because they are both ones that I already want for my collection.

  3. I would like to get my Death Note pops graded at some point but first up would probably be Grimmjow! and to win any of the pops, I would love to add Jimi Hendrix to my music collection!
    My member name is zjanssen89 if it doesn’t copy over.

  4. I would love to have my signed Gabriel Iglesias pop graded and I’d love to win that Darth maul pop. I loved the phantom menace when I was a kid at that final fight is still epic

  5. I have a Jeff Lebowski pop that is consistently forged. I’d love a PSA validation on it.
    Same with my Disney Park Exclusive Indiana Jones. Lots of forgeries, lowers the original value.
    I’d love a graded Jimi Hendrix.

  6. I’d LOVE to grade one of my two NFT Fire Nation Aangs because they’re my most expensive ones!

    If I win, I’d love to win the Scarlet Witch or the Darth Maul (my fiancée is a huge Scarlet Witch fan and I’m a huge Star Wars fan)

  7. My Wanda 70s auto would be pretty cool to be graded and encapsulated. It’s unique imo. As for which pop from the list would I like, I think I’d have to go with Freddy Krueger, PSA 10. I love the horror pops and I’ve never had a Freddy in my collection.

  8. I would love to have my Shaquille O Neal Autographed Pop graded as well my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set (Ken Eastman Autographed) . Shaq is great human being and ambassador for sport. A great inspiration indeed and TMNt – What more is there to say about team work! Would love the Tom Brady PSA 9. Kudos for putting this giveaway on!

    1. To be graded – Number Five Chase
      I’m a huge fan of the Umbrella Academy and Number 5 is my favorite character.
      I would love to have – Freddy Krueger, PSA 10
      HobbyDB – GunnerHouck

  9. I would love to have my Giant-man prototype graded from fundays 2016 🙂

    And would definitely love to win the darth Maul to add to my Star Wars collection!

  10. I would grade my four signed Stan Lee Funko pops. These Marvel grails are in my collection for over 4 years now and are priceless for me. I have all Stan Lee Funkos except the 2 most expensive one that are limited to 1/12.

  11. Hi there! I’d love to get my Joseph Quinn signed Eddie With Guitar Pop PSA graded as I’ve always been curious how it would come out. And I’d love to win that Freddy Krueger PSA10!

  12. I would definitely like to have my Shohei Ohtani 2 Pack graded.. or my Resident Evil Nemesis should it be limited to standard sized Pops. I would love to win Freddy Krueger.. an absolute classic!


  13. I would love to have my Future Trunks Metallic Chase pop get graded for its value, but also my Signed Jo Koy or Jeff Dunham autographed pops graded. I like the fact that other celebrities can get graded and recognized, and not just sports teams thanks to Funkos growing catalog.
    The pop to win for me, would be the Freddy Krueger or Tom Brady.

  14. I would love my Steve Aoki signed pop to be graded

    Would love to win the Scarlet Witch, PSA 9 to add to my growing collection of Marvel

    love from the tiny island of Malta

  15. There are a lot of pops I would love to have graded, but if I had to choose one it would be luffy with going merry.
    The pop I would love to win would be Darth Maul!

  16. Love the idea of having pops graded. I think it will eventually become a bigger thing within the collector community. I’d love to have my Armin Arlert graded.

    I’d love to win either Darth or Freddy. Big horror and Star Wars fan along with my partner. Would make a great Xmas gift for him.

  17. It is an amazing news. I would like to have my limited in pieces figures graded.

    By far, I would love from that list Freddy Krueger

    Thank you guy for all the things you do.

  18. C’est une super idée !!! Plus de fake pour nos pops préférées , une garantie géniale pour les vrais fan!!!

    Une pop en PSA?! Mais comment choisir une seule?!?!🤣 Je pense que pour une 1ere, une Die Cast Darkounet ou Batou serait top!
    Mais pour ce jeu, je serai ravie de Scarlet Witch.
    Merci aux équipes !!

  19. This is a great move! I think I would choose to have L (with cake) from my Deathnote set graded first.

    If I was to win I think I would choose the Jimi Hendrix so he could stand next to my latest purchase, John Lennon!

  20. I would love to have my Funko Shop Exclusive Carnage Blacklight PoP graded for sure. As for my choice….I would absolutely be ecstatic to receive any single one off the PoPs on that list.

  21. I am always wondering about getting some of my pops graded but Ralphie in bunny suit flocked would be the first one id like graded. I would love the darth maul pop! I met Ray Park at a comic con and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Any of the options to win would be awesome though.

  22. Freddy pop would make an awesome part to my small selective collection. I’m curious with the grading how psa will grade products that have never been opened, and/or signed by the character they mimic?

  23. I have quite a few pops! that I would love to get graded. High on my list would have to be my Jeffrey Dean Morgan signed Negan and my Doug Jones signed Pale Man and Faun. I’d also like to get my LE 3000pc Demogorgon, Windigo and Creature (from the Black Lagoon) graded. I’m excited for this next step you guys are taking.
    If I were to win…I’m a horror girl so I’d have to go with Freddy Krueger but I do have a room dedicated to music so the Jimi Hendrix is also cool. Any of them would be cool.

  24. wow, this is awesome actually and a great partnering opportunity, especially for those who enjoy buying and selling. any true collector would tell you that condition matters so why not partner with the best!

  25. Would love to have my clown in Jack-in-the-box cart graded because it’s my favorite pop in my collection. Would love to own that Freddy Kreuger PSA 10 Funko.

  26. I love this partnership! I hope to try this service out with my Yondu from Gardians of the Galaxy. He is in great shape, but there are so many fakes out there, it would be great to have the confirmation of its authenticity, and to have it graded.

  27. I think it’s a great idea to grade pops, definitely increases value and psa encapsulation always sets people at ease when buying or collecting. I’d love to have one of my new nycc Uhtreds graded, it’s my first con sticker and there’s rumors that they’ll vault it soon. It would be amazing to grade and encapsulate it for its own protection
    It’s also nice to guarentee a possible future buyer that its an authentic pop with there being so many fakes out there. I’d would super love to win that Freddy Kruger graded pop.

  28. I would love to get my shared exclusive Great Ape Vegeta Funko Pop! Graded I got it signed by Chris Sabat the voice actor of Vegeta at SacAnime in September of this year! I was able to choose the quote. This quote was back in the early days of Dragon Ball Z. This Pop! Is my prized possession from my whole collection DBZ was a huge thing in my childhood growing up I have always been a fan of Dragon Ball and I still am a fan of Dragon Ball. The Pop! I would absolutely love to win is The Darth Maul PSA 9 Funko Pop! Star Wars is another series I grew up watching as well. I know for a fact that pop will be a grail in anyone’s collection. I would never let that pop leave my collection. My user Name is Jimmy_s. I love how we can now send our Funko Pops! To get graded. I know this is a huge step for Funko Pops! And the Funko Pop! Community by doing this. We will be able to get our signatures on our Funko Pop! Graded and get them authenticated to show they are legit. I know this is a game changer for the future.

  29. I actually don’t have a pop I want to grade, however of I had Planet Arlia Vegeta… first thing I would do would be to send it to PSA for grading…. it’s my favorite pop and one day I will have one.

    As for the graded pop I want… I would love to have the Freddy Kreuger pop… I LOVE horror pops. I have leatherface right now, but my pop collection is really just starting.

  30. Definitely my sons Ralpth Wiggum Funko Shop Exclusive. He’s a huge Simpsons fan and Ralph is his favorite character! If we win he’d love the Tom Brady, PSA 9!!!! Thank you for the oppertunity!

  31. My pick would be my Autographed Captain Spaulding. Meeting him was one of my favorite things I’ve done. He was such a nice guy and only charged 5 dollars to sign anything.

  32. I think this partnership is great. It’s should go without saying that having a formal process in place to get our Pop’s graded and have a guaranteed score goes well beyond “yeah bro it’s mint, see the pics, no dents!”

    I have Claire and Jamie from Outlander and I’d love to have them graded as I feel they are in really great condition!

    If chosen, I would really like to add Darth Maul to my Star Wars collection!

  33. One pop from my collection that I would like to have graded is my signed Naruto 727 because it is probably the most unique piece in my collection. I would love to win the Darth Maul graded pop as I am a big Star Wars fan.

  34. I would love to have my Disney Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter graded by PSA. They were original purchases at the Disney Store in 2013, and are my absolute favorites! With their high price on PPG, it would be nice to have them professionally graded and displayed appropriately!

    1. I forgot to add that I would love the Jimi Hendrix Pop! Living in the Seattle area, his influence can be felt still in some of the spots around town! Would be appropriate for him to come home 😊

  35. I know it would seem weird to some, but I would have my ahsoka and Sabine pops graded since the new ahsoka tv show is coming out on Disney+ soon!

    I think this partnership is great for this site and hobbyDB alike! More partnerships like this are needed in my opinion! 🙂

    If chosen I would want the death maul! Thanks! 🙂

  36. My Eren it was my 2nd ever pop in my collection it means alot to me. If i won i would want the Jimi PSA 9. Hes one of my favorite music artist and it would be a awesome piece to have.

  37. I’d get my signed Boba Fett graded. I’d love to win the Freddy Krueger to add to my horror collection. He’d look great next to my signed Jason Vorhees.

  38. I would love to get my autographed Hermey the elf from Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer graded. Also my Back To The Furture car with all 4 cast members autograph on it. And maybe my Batmobile signed by Adam West and Burt Ward.

  39. A pop I would want to get graded would be my Stealth Suit Captain America from the Winter Soldier Movie. I’d love to add that Scarlet Witch to my collection next to my other Marvel Pops.

  40. Austin in Austin here and I’d have to pick my signed dead Gus from Breaking Bad to get graded, it’s in great shape and meeting him was awesome.
    Jimi Hendrix would be my pick because it would help my collection rock!
    Thanks for this opportunity y’all.

  41. I would like my Hollow Ichigo Graded, he’s a rare pop in general and I also have him signed. Adding that grade would make it all the more better for collecting purposes. I would love to win that Darth Maul.

  42. I would get my SDCC Luna Lovegood or ECCC Nymphadora Tonks graded. Definitely some of my favorites of all my Harry Potter Funkos! Freddy Krueger would have to be my choice, just started collecting my horror collection recently so definitely would be crazy to add that on!

  43. Did someone say free….? You had me at “f.”
    It’s awesome you all are providing grading services! Any plans to visit some up coming Cons? MagaCon Orlando March-April 2023

  44. I would like to have my Patrick Mahomes graded and would love to win Tom Brady because then I would have the GOAT to go with my baby goat lol. Thanks for the chance PPG and PSA!!

  45. That’s a pretty cool news.
    it would be nice to grade my Chuck Norris funko pop.
    I would really love to win Darth Maul, because I couldn’t afford it.
    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  46. I think it’s great there will be another grading service, turnaround times are super long. And you can’t really do any better than joining up with a company whose founder owns pcgs, that’s doin it right!
    My next one to get graded will be Freddy as Toxic Rick. I just like getting the pricier ones graded mostly for peace of mind, as something saying this is authentic. I’d love a graded Darth Maul, who wouldn’t?

  47. Burnk65 here I would love the Jimi pop it’s the only one I am missing right now, which would I like graded I think I will go with my Brett Hart autographed pop to be graded the follow with all my auto’s getting gradded

  48. I would love to have my Baby with Dean #32 graded, it was my first pop and the beginning of my collection. I’d definitely love to have Freddy Krueger for my collection.

    1. Oh sorry I read it wrong I would love to get this graded to see how great my box was from shipment and make’s it more valuable than it already was

  49. Hello, Berny Carrillo here, and I would love to get a graded Hybrid Theory pop album by Linkin Park since they are my all-time favorite artists. A graded Darth Maul or Scarlet Witch would be a great addition to my collection!

    1. Forgot to add, I’d love to have all of my pops graded, but specifically the Blade, Mace Windu, or B.A. Barracus pop that I have.

  50. I would love my nick fury to be graded because this is the OG Avenger pop and I am so glad to have a grail in my collection. I would like to win the Scarlet Witch PSA 9.

  51. This is awsome, great idea.. I would love to get my Sage Mode Naruto and my Pre-Release Asuna graded and encapsulated.. Naruto is my first anime I ever watched with my Son and is still my favorite, and Asuna is a true Pre-Release and very clean so I am curious on how my grading skills are… 🤣
    I would love to win Darth Maul with a PSA grading of 9… 🤞
    My Ppg user name is Switzerr6

    Thank you guys, and congratz…😁

  52. I would love to have my Spider-Man (Symbiote Suit) GitD and Freddy Funko as Hercules GitD graded. They are my top two Pop!s
    I’d die for that Freddy Krueger 💀
    My PPG member name is Rethgif

  53. I would probably get my Freddy Funko as Darth Maul (glow in the dark) or my Dabi (NYCC con sticker) graded, both are grails and in great shape. The Pop is most like to win is definitely Darth Maul, but I’d also be extremely happy with Freddy Kruger or Tom Brady. My username is j2thehayes

  54. Im looking to get my hands on an amazing spiderman glow in dark gemini or a vegeta planet arlia would live both to be graded, would be nice to get a darth maul psa 9!

  55. Would love to have either my signed Bryce Harper pop or signed Stan lee pop graded, as I feel they are both very valuable and in great shape.
    Would love the Darth maul too haha

  56. Drwhofan2!! here and if I were to grade one of my Pops I would want to have my signed tenth doctor in orange space suit graded. I am both a huge Doctor Who and a David Tennent fan.

    If I were to win I would love to add something that I don’t already have in my collection. I am a big Marvel Fan but don’t a Scarlet Witch in my collection.

  57. I would love to have my Darth Vader graded. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so it would be awesome if I won the Darth Maul graded pop!

  58. First pops I would grade would be the wife’s pops. The Flash and Green Arrow. I’m sure she would love to know the grading on her favorite pops.

    The wife would love:Darth Maul, PSA 9

    members name: Loserofthemonth

  59. Carey Price or Connor McDavid, as PSA is also known for the hockey card grading and these are among my favorite players.
    I’d love to have a Tom Brady or Freddy Krueger.

  60. I would get our signed diamond oogie boogie graded first. Wife and I are huge Nightmare before christmas fans.

    would love to win the Freddy Krueger love those movies and the character.

  61. I would love to win the Jimi Hendrix! having a legendary figure like him added to my collection, and in PSA graded form would be awesome! I have a SDCC Jesse Pinkman that i am looking forward to having encapsulated. This has been the most valuable pop in my collection for about 18 months so it would be awesome to have it graded and protected forever.

    1. I’d love to get my 2 autographed pops graded, gitd Endeavor and the metallic Silver Age All Might, possibly my Hitoshi Shinsho since he is rarer, maybe my Gerard Way pops and I just got the 4000 piece blacklight battle squid game Freddy, my rarest pop!

      If I win, I wouldn’t mind the Tom Brady, I grew up a Pat’s fan. Or the Hendrix, I love rock.

  62. I would have my D&DTiamat POP graded for sure.
    I’d love to win Freddy or Hendrix. Horror and Music. Hate to have to choose! But I think Freddy wins if the chance came my way.

  63. I really like the diamond collection line of Pokemon. I think Id like to get them graded! Also my Darth Maul Freddy would look great in a case.

    Maybe would do my Thor Freddy, but I really like that one out of box…

  64. I would like to get my gold #3 Stan Lee graded and I would love to win the Freddy Krueger to sit next to my Robert Englund autographed Freddy Pop! in my office!

  65. I would like to have my tinkerBell graded it was a gift it’s autographed by the lady that does tinker bells voice it’s my favorite it reminds me of the movies I use to watch as a child

  66. I would like to have my tinkerBell graded it was a gift it’s autographed by the lady that does tinker bells voice it’s my favorite it reminds me of the movies I use to watch as a child and the Funko I would like is Darth mau

  67. spiderman symbiote suit funko shop exclusive. given how much it’s keeps going up in value. bought 2 of em shortly after release for 50$ each sold one for 125 a month after getting it an now it’s worth over 800

  68. I’d love to get my Halo Grunt Minor #02 graded! It’s in really great shape and very hard to find Pop even though it isn’t a Chase or any sort of exclusive. It’s probably my favorite from my collection! If I were lucky enough to win a graded Pop, I would love to get the Darth Maul. I’ve been thinking about getting Pops of some of my favorite Star Wars characters too, and that would be an absolutely amazing way to start that collection. 🙂

  69. The first Pop I would get graded is my Attack on Titan Black and White Bait Exclusive Eren Jaeger! And the Pop I would choose is Freddy Krueger! I don’t have many horror pops as I’d like, so It’ll be an excellent addition!

  70. My first pop to grade would be tough to choose. Grading it would be awesome and to have it preserved for many years to come is cool. My pick for the psa pop of choice is any really as a collector I’d be happy with what I get. Appreciate all the wonderful work you guys are doing keep it up.

  71. I think graded pops would be great. but the price to have each one graded will be high. what will they be charging per pop and how much will shipping be. like card grading. sometimes you end up paying more for the grading then you paid for the card itself.

    If i was to win, i would like the Darth Maul. Star Wars all the way.

  72. I would love to get either my AJ Styles autographed Funko pop or my Trish Stratus autographed Funko pop graded. I am a die hard wrestling fan and those two are my favorite wrestlers of all time. That is why I would like to get them graded at some point. If I were to win, I would want either the Jimi Hendrix or the Freddy Krueger.

  73. One of my pops that I’d like to get graded if I could would be my Jamie Fraser one from outlander! I’m a huge fan of the show and Funko so I’d never part with him! But if I did win I’d love Darth maul or Scarlet witch! Both get pops, I love all of the details that Funko always puts into their pops!

  74. I would love to have my Yennefer from the Witcher graded or Triss

    If I had to choose one of the figures to win it would be the Freddy Krueger!

  75. I’d love to have my Lt. Commander Data pop graded. I’m a die hard star trek fan and would love to preserve his signature on the first pop made of his character

  76. I have a Metallic Freddy Funko Genie I’d like to get graded, along with a Brian Mariotti signed Social Media Freddy.

    If I win, I’m all about Freddy Krueger.

    Username: Misterdoughboy


  77. i’m super stoked for the future of PSA and Funko, can’t wait to send out my top 10 in my collection to get graded, already have a few i got signed authentication for last year!

  78. I would love to grade the sdcc exclusive Indiana Jones, this figure was is and will be my boost to continue collecting the amazing franchise of Funko😋

  79. I would love to have my Mr. incredible graded .If I could win one of these pops I would go for 1.freddy Kruger 2. Darth maul 3. jimmy Hendrix. So many others I cold have graded also …just too hard to choose just one!!

  80. o would love to have my Monkey King Pop graded as he means alot to my Chinese/Italian kid and would love to own the Tom Brady graded Pop as we are New Englanders and Brady dans!

  81. I would love to have my iron man (I am iron man graded) since that’s one of the one that kicked off my collection back then or my blacklight Scarlett witch and I would love to add Tom Brady, PSA 9 because that’s been my favorite player since I was a little kid

  82. I would love to win Tom Brady or Darth maul pop ! I’m. A huge fan of Star Wars and I think it would be super cool. I’m getting into the Funko community and it would be super awesome to promote the new graded pops. Additionally my bday is coming on November 13th and thats would be pretty cool if I could get any of them. Thank y’all so much for doing a giveaway 🙂

  83. i think the PSA grading is a great way to keep pops you love safe and protected and gain value.

    I would love to win the Freddy Krueger, Scarlet witch or any pop in that case

  84. I would love to have one of my Darth Vader Funko’s to be graded! Either my chrome blue Vader, or my Holographic Darth Vader!

    I would love to win the Darth Maul graded pop since I’m a big a Star wars fan.

  85. I would love for my Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller to be graded by PSA. Reason being is because it is one of my favorite series to watch to this date.

    If I had to choose one of the figures to win, it would definitely have to be the Freddy Krueger! Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Would love to grade our Moon Knight GITD #267 grail!

    And to keep in the Marvel business we would love to kick off our graded collection with Scarlet Witch, PSA 9!

  87. I would want my auto Ssgss Goku graded growing up Dragonball was my very first anime and it has taught me the philosophy I live by to always fight your limits because there’s always something beyond it
    I would love the Darth Maul as part of my childhood I moved around a lot and didn’t have any cable all I had with my cousins and brother was a DVD and VHS player where my dad had the star wars movies on and that’s all I would watch constantly

  88. i would like to have my freddy funko as marty mcfly graded i think it would be a great pop for that to be done to. i would like the win the psa darth maul… killua132.

  89. I would like Scarlet Witch as she is my favorite female in the MCU and I tried to have at least one Pop of her from every movie that comes out in the MCU

  90. If I could have one graded, it would be my Speedy Gonzales. It was the very first pop I was able to get from the Funko Shop. It was so difficult back then, but I made it. Lol. I would love to win Scarlet Witch.

  91. i think i would love to get my headless ned stark graded! i have had it for a while and never bothered to see its current high value. huge game of thrones fan❤️❤️. if i would win i would love the scarlet witch funko!! one of my favourite characters from the marvel universe and it would be a great add to my starting collection

  92. i really want to win a grade psa pop and I dont care what pop I will get because I will have fucking grade psa pop I so excited because i live in Isreal and in Isreal pops are very expensive like between 20-30 bucks to a common and in Isreal we don’t have nothing like no target exclusive not Walmart exclusive and that sucks so yeah hope to win thanks for the chance!!!!

  93. I love grading, I’m a card collector also so grading is part of collection. I would love to have my zombie magneto graded because that’s my favorite pop, I fell in love with the marvel zombies line!

  94. i currently don’t have any to be graded only started collecting a few months ago but I’d be happy with the Darth Maul, Tom Brady or Scarlet Witch! 🙂

  95. if i had to get any of my pops graded it would definitely be my signed blacklight Fluffy with dogs i just recently received! its only my 2nd ever signed, 1st is a majin vegeta, but it’s a favorite so far<3 i would for sure have to choose the freddy krueger PSA as i’m a HUGE horror collector^.^🖤

  96. I would love to have any of my top value Dragonball Z pops graded. And if I win I would choose the Freddy Krueger. Big horror fan!

  97. Honestly I don’t really have any super valuable pops yet that would be worth grading but a fully graded Naruto set is definitely a goal of mine down the road!

    As for the five here Ide love to win the Darth Maul! He has always been one of my favourite characters from the Clone Wars 😁

  98. Is love to have any of my Freddy Funkos graded!! but if I had to choose, it would be my Freddy spiderman ❤️❤️❤️ To choose just 1 is hard lol

    hobbydb: Its.Me.Death

  99. I’d love to have my Kurt Cobain 65 graded. It would look great displayed next to my guitar.
    It would be sweet to win the Jimi Hendrix Pop to be able to display it along with Kurt.

  100. For me the pop I would love to get graded would be my DIY Simba thar my son gave me for Father’s Day. He knows I love pops and there is nothing more special than a pop that he colored himself!

    And if I won a graded pop I’d love to get the Darth Maul since my Fiancé and I are currently going the whole Star Wars run

  101. It would be awesome to have my Iden Versio chase Pop! graded, as it is one of the few products I keep in its box.
    I mostly collect Star Wars Funko products, so I would love to have a graded Darth Maul!


  102. My PPG handle is medtech2 and I would have my mystery box Golden Ticket winning Planet Arlia Vegeta graded and I’d love to have that Jimi Hendrix PSA 9.

    1. I did this one first, but I didn’t think it went through sorry about the double post… you can either delete this one, or delete both that’s also ok I’m not trying to double post… Thank you

  103. I would love to grade my grail Fire Nation Aang (NFT Series) pop that I will be receiving in a few months. I would love to win the Freddy Krueger, PSA 10!

  104. My OG Ozzy Osbourne. Would like to have this graded for the encapsulated protection.

    As a POP! Rocks collector exclusively it would be a crime for me to not want the Jimi Hendrix.

  105. I have a ton of dragon ball z funkos I’d love to get graded. Out of the 5 funkos being given away I think getting Darth Maul would be awesome.

  106. Not for nothing but I would love to get ANY of the graded pops. My storage was broken into and I was left with only a few boxes I had at home. Help me out, 12+ years of collecting gone! :'(

  107. Graded anything always amplifies a collection piece. I look forward to adding some to my collection some day. Winning one would be a great start. I would be more than happy with any of the choices aside from the Brady. Thanks for the opportunity.

  108. I would love to have my Avengers Endgame Thor Glow innthe dark (Special Edition Bobble-head Funko pop Graded and would love to win the Scarlet Witch, PSA 9, and give it to my wife

  109. I love for both of my autographed CM Punk pops to be graded. I would love to win the graded Scarlet Witch to go with my WandaVision set. My username is HeroOfTime

  110. The Funko from my collection I would want graded would probably be my Yennefer #152 from The Witcher 3. It’s my most expensive Funko I have, and it’d be cool to see it graded and protected nicely like that. I’ve never actually had anything (Pop or otherwise) graded before. I’d love to win the Darth Maul, he’s my favorite Star Wars character and that’s one of the few Pops that are of his Episode 1 design which is my favorite, and one of the few I don’t have of him.

  111. I would love to have that Freddy since I am a huge horror fan and sadly don’t have any horror Funko figures, I don’t have very many figures that have that high of value, my highest valued Pop! is the AC/DC Pop! albums with all the band members

  112. I want my Lynda Carter signed wonder woman pop graded. I was able to get her to sign it for me but there was no psa rep. There isn’t very many signed pops by her and this is just flat out special to me to have my childhood hero sign it for me. That would be awesome

  113. I would get my Stitch pop graded because he’s my favorite character. I would love to win the Jim Hendrix pop because he’s an absolute legend.

  114. I would love to get my Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey Wheeler Pop! Graded, not because it is expensive, but just because I absolutely love Joey. I would also love to win the Darth Maul for the Giveaway. My PPG username is Silver56.

  115. I Have NWO Hollywood Hogan I would get Graded. No hes not the most elite Grail But Hollywood Hogan To Me Changed The Face of the wrestling Industry.

    1. The PSA Pop I would Love To Win Would Be
      1 Freddy Krueger, my daughter collects Horror and i would give it to her

      2 Tom Brady Obviously The GOAT

      3 Jimmy Hendrix Best Guitarist Ever

  116. If I were to get one of my pops graded it would have to be my Cayde 6 (Golden Gun) that’s been signed by Nolan North!

  117. I would love to have my signed vegeta over 9000 esiton by Chris sabot. dbz was my life growing up and I followed Chris’s career and he became my favorite voice actor. having him graded would ensure a life long funko that will stand the test of time. and can be cherished by my kids and future generations of my family. I would love to win the Darth maul funko psa 9. Darth maul was my favorite villain from the star wars saga and the character just has thay look about him. to have him would be simply amazing.

  118. I would love to get my Tony Montana graded. According to PPG it’s 1 of my most valuable items, grading/preservation would be great.

    I would love to win the Jimi Hendrix pop.

  119. I’d love to have my Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Reboot that’s signed by Jason Mewes graded and the PSA Darth Maul would would be an amazing winning prize that I’d happily accept 😀

  120. I’m a huge spiderman fan I would want at least to get a few of them rated to help keep there quality and eventually give to my kids to remember me by. I have a good size marvel collection and I would enjoy adding scarlet witch to my ever growing collection.

  121. I cant say just one, but I would like to get my Killer Klowns from outer space pop set graded. Killer klowns is one of my favorite movies that is forgotten by man an I have everything released from that set. All the pops, and all the Sodas.

  122. I would love to have my amy winehouse pop graded it’s been my favorite in my collection since it was the first one I’ve ever received years ago, and If I could pick to win any it would be Tom Brady Because football has always been such a big part of my life along with Funko in general, but I would honestly be happy with any of them. all of them have a special place in my heart based on their categories.

  123. I would love to have my signed SSG Goku graded, it was so amazing to meet Sean Schemmel and having it graded and preserved would be awesome. If I won I would want the Freddy Krueger, horror has always played a big role in my life.

  124. if I had to pick one, it would be my autographed Gabriel “fluffy”. It’s one of my highly valued pops that’s signed. and it makes me think that autographed pops are way better than regular pops. Having it authenticated and secured would be awesome.
    if I won, I would like a Freddy please. and my member name is spam123.

  125. If I could, I would like to get the signed Fluffy Funko Pop graded and if I am picked as one of the winners, then I would like the Scarlet Witch Funko Pop please. Thank you, Yash2084

  126. i would absolutely have to pick my 2010 Batman 01, out of all my pops it’s the oldest and the most treasured.
    Darth maul would be the best one to win he’s my second favorite sith next to Darth Vader of course!

  127. I’d probably be most likely to get my SSG Goku graded. one of my absolute favorites in my collection.

    In terms of which one I’d be happiest to win among the prizes, I’d say the Scarlett Witch.

    Good luck everyone! happy Collecting!

  128. I have a Ghost Face that I got signed by Skeet Ulrich AND Matthew Lillard when i went to MadMonster Party AZ a couple years ago and I’ve wanted to get it rated and authenticated for quite some time now. I’m the biggest horror nerd so for sure I’d probably cry if I received that Freddy Krueger! Thanks HobbyDB and PPG for all that you guys do for the community!

  129. I think the hobby db and psa collab brings a whole new level to collectors and re sellers, to be able to grade signed pops is amazing, im gonna send some off soon!

  130. I think the hobby db and psa collab brings a whole new level to collectors and re sellers, to be able to grade signed pops is amazing, im gonna send some off soon

  131. I would love to my Harry Potter pop graded because I think it’s in really good condition and it is one of those series I grew up with as a kid, and it’s were I got my username from Dobby. Sadly, I took my Dobby pops out of the boxes or I’d grade the one with the sock rather than the snapping one.

  132. I would love to have my Daemon Targaryen with DragonEgg (signedby Matt Smith) to be graded. Jimi Hendrix would be an absolute delight to add to my collection!! Please oh please!

  133. I’m very new to Pop! collecting and would LOVE to have my Sting (#19) Pop! graded, for a couple of reasons. I’ve been a huge wrestling fan for 40+ years and Sting is my all-time favorite wrestler. I’ve followed his career since he was partners with Warrior as Power Team USA. This was also my very first Pop! purchase. If I had my pick of any of the graded Pops!, it would be Freddy Krueger to help complete my horror movie icon collection.

  134. I’d want my Nejire Hado graded as it is a very desirable addition to any MHA collection.
    I would like to win the Jimi Hendrix 9 PSA to add to my rockstar collection.

  135. A pop that I would want to get graded is my GameStop exclusive Tenya. Would like to win the Scarlet Witch PSA 9 pop to go with some of my other marvel pops!!

  136. I would love to have my Goku on Nimbus Cloud pop autographed by Masako Nozawa PSA Graded because Ms. Masako’s autograph is so rare and very hard to acquire, and on top of that, she only allows a very limited number of people to get her autograph. This is also very special to me because it was such a unique experience when I got her autograph in person during my time in Japan. And I would like the Darth Maul please.

  137. I would like to have my Apex legends Mirage GS exclusive graded and encapsulated because Apex Legends is my favorite game and of course Mirage is my Main character to play. I’ve been growing my Scarlet Witch collection these few months and I’m missing her from Captain America Civil War, so winning the Scarlet Witch would be a great Addition to the PC 🙂

  138. I would like to get the first pop I ever got graded and encapsulated my Luke Skywalker. It’s the one that means the most as it was a gift from a friend that passed away.

    It would be really cool to get the Darth Maul.

  139. I would have my Bryan Fuller graded as soon as it’s signed. Also, my Bloody Hannibal….the whole Hannibal line actually. And my autographed Army of Darkness Ash.

    I’d love a graded Darth Maul.

  140. This is great news!! PSA is the best when it comes to grading and resale value. When I buy sports cards I will only buy cards that are graded through PSA. If i have to buy graded cards thats not a psa I would send them in to be reslabbed with the psa sticker!! I only send my cards to PSA for grading when I need them graded. Can’t wait to start submitting some of my pop funkos to get that PSA sticker and grade from them. Super excited!!!

    1. oh I would love to get my signed oogie boogie re graded my 2021 summer convention white rabbit, 2022 fall convention Zero and so many more. and would love the Jimi hendrix to add to my rock collection. That would rock !!!

  141. it would be awesome owning the Freddy Kruger psa graded pop… love horror movies and Freddy was my favorite horror movie character that scared me when i was a kid

  142. I’d love to have my Carl and Ellie or my boyfriend venom winged chased graded!

    If I win, I’d love to have Darth Maul to add to our collection. It would be a really great add to our collection.


  143. My Freddy Funko as Chucky because it’s my first Freddy (just started collecting about 2 months ago) and I’m a big horror fan. in that same vein would love a graded Freddy!

  144. As for Pops to be graded, I would love to get my Kobe Bryant Pops as well as my Orange SF Giants Bruce Lee (the one autographed by his wife and daughter) to be graded. Reason being is that these are my personal grails with sentimental value as Kobe was my idol as a child until now and Bruce Lee was given to me as my 1-year wedding anniversary gift from my lovely wife.

    If I were to win, I would love either the Tom Brady or Freddy Krueger as those 2 are my favorites in their respective categories. But I would be open to winning any of them as it is a great opportunity. Thank you for allowing us this great opportunity!

  145. I would start off by getting this gem graded, Freddy Funko as Steve from Stranger Things, only 450 pieces ever made!!!
    I won this by purchasing a $30 ticket last year.

    I will have a few to get graded when this service come available, I’m so excited!
    And hopefully, I win one of the five PSA-graded pops for the giveaway!!!

  146. I would like to have my Apex legends Mirage GS exclusive graded and encapsulated because Apex Legends is my favorite game and of course Mirage is my Main character to play. I’ve been growing my Collection of the Scarlet Witch pops ,but I’m missing her from Captain America Civil War and Avengers Age of Ultron. Winning the Scarlet Witch would be a great addition to the PC. 🙂

  147. If I had to choose 1 pop to have graded… I’d choose my black light carnage #678. I wouldn’t say it’s the most expensive gem of my collection but, it is my favorite

    1. I forgot the most important part! Being a horror movie fanatic, I’d love to win Freddy Krueger, PSA 10. My PPG member name is djfoxx86. Thanks for the opportunity!

  148. How exciting to have this service at our fingertips. I only one 1 signed pop and it isn’t worth much , but it’s priceless to me. It is my Jeff Dunham holding Peanut. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t signed by Walter or Bubba J or even Achmed. Out of the signed ones available to chose from either Jimi Hendrix would be my 1st choice and Freddy Kruger would be my 2nd. Keeping my fingers crossed for a 2nd signed pop

  149. Muichiro Tokito from Demon Slayer since it’s my most valuable and current favorite in my collection. I would like to win Freddy Krueger just because I’m a fan of the films.

  150. I would love to have one of my Hikari pops graded. They are so underrated as pops. I think they should be more recognized by Funko.
    The pop I would like to win would be Tom Brady.

  151. Ppg Member Name: iamkemosabee
    I would probably love to have my Michael Jackson smooth criminal pop graded because it is definitely my favorite pop that I have! Plus, I am a huge MJ fan and wish I could have met him! I would love to have that Scarlet Witch, PSA 9 pop from the list provided!! Love her character!!

  152. I’d love to win a graded Freddy Kreuger pop. The pop of mine I’d love to have graded is my blacklight Carnage, as it’s my most valuable and my favorite Marvel character

  153. I would love to have my Universal Monsters Metallic 4-Pack graded. It’s the crown jewel of my collection and being that there are only 300 in existence, I think grading would help further solidify it’s value.

    I would love to win the Freddy Kreuger Pop as Horror is my main genre of collecting.

  154. I wouldn’t mind having Diva Plavalaguna and the rest of my fifth element funko pops be graded to see what conditions they are in ^.^ that psa freddy kreuger funko would be a great addition to my collection.

  155. PSA grading is going to change the whole Funko Pop game buying and selling is going to be even crazier. Prices for collectors looking for that certain piece are going to change hopefully it doesn’t ruin collecting.

  156. Hmm I think I would want graded most is my Captain Rex since he’s my favorite character and he is already minty so it would keep him that way!
    If I win would love to have the Scarlet Witch, PSA 9 she is my favorite marvel character!

    My member name is LivQuinn42

  157. Honestly I probably have no pops that are worth grading 😅. However, my absolute favourite pop is my “Sonic w/ emerald” one, as it perfectly matches a simple art style with just enough detail to give it that extra… pop!

    Anyway, I would love Darth Maul, but really any of these would be an amazing additions to a collector’s stash.

  158. I’d be getting several of my star Wars pops graded. Thrawn, Qui-gon, some first run large print ones, clone trooper. Few others too.

    I’d love me a darth maul if you can’t tell XD

  159. the pop that I would love to get graded is my dr.doom metallic convention exclusive sticker 2014 I don’t see alot of them it’s pretty neat . I would love to win the Scarlet Witch pop I’m a big marvel fan and would be a great addition to my collection. my hobbydb username is: britt0126.

  160. I would love to be able to get my 2021 WonderCon exclusive The Atom pop graded. As far as the giveaway, I would love to be able to get the Scarlet Witch pop.
    If the name doesn’t take, it is NoahR.

  161. I’d love to get my Silver Ichiro (/51) graded. Ichiro Suzuki is my favorite player among every sport. Baseball (and sports in general) has always been a big part of my life so seeing him graded and on the highest shelf feels very deserving for him.
    The graded Tom Brady pop would be my first choice! Again, sports are a huge part of my life, so any way to make my sports collection more impressive, I’ll take it.
    My PPG name is FuturWatch.

  162. I would like to have my ghost face Funko pop! graded, I have been extra cautious to take good care of it since I bought it many years ago! I would like to win the Freddy Krueger graded Pop! I am a huge 80’s horror fan and would love to add him to my collection!

  163. I would love to get my “Tom Brady (Throw Back)” NFL 39 graded. And as you may have figured out, it would be amazing to win the “Tom Brady, PSA 9”.
    Thanks for that amazing give-away and congrats on teaming up with PSA – well done guys!
    Greetings from Austria \o/

  164. I would like my Saitama Funko Pop graded since I got it signed by the dubbed voice actor during anime expo. Either Scarlett Witch or Tom Brady are cool, I’m more of a marvel fan and partially a football so yeah 😉

  165. would love to win Freddy Kruger Graded. I’ve never won anything nice before. huge horror lover an Freddy Kruger was always the favorite! also would love to get My (AAA Anime Exclusive Glow in the dark) Iron Man graded because im a huge marvel fan.

  166. Would love to get my TMNT SpongeBob Leonardo & Plankton Shredder Tin graded. Just because it’s the most expensive one out of the bunch I have.

    I would love Scarlett Witch in my collection. And it would be an honor to have her as my first PSA Funko ❤️ in my collection. Thanks for the opportunity.

  167. I would love to get my Super Saiyan 2 Gohan GITD GameStop exclusive graded. it’s an anime grail that’s been on the rose as of late and I’d love to win that Darth Maul PSA 9,it would look amazing in my Star Wars section of my collection 🥰🥰

  168. I would really like to win scarlet witch. Never had a grade funko in my collection before. This would be first, if so hopefully I’ll be sending a lot my autograph one for them to grade.

  169. My pop in a box exclusive Venom with wings chase, i think it’s such an awesome pop and it glows great. I would like to win either Darth Maul or Freddy Krueger, i lost a lot of my pops during hurricane Ian and I want to try rebuilding my collection so either of those would be a great start

  170. I’ve got a Grand Admiral Thrawn I’m going to submit if/when I get him signed… for right now? My GitD Ahsoka from L.A. Comicon.

    I’d love to win the Scarlet Witch.

  171. Good things are coming! Been waiting for this for a long time can’t wait to see how it goes. I’d love to see my Autographed Nacho Libre pop graded and encapsulated cause I love Jack Black. I would love to win the Freddy Krueger

  172. I’d have my WWE event exclusive John Cena pop graded, it was my first ever Funko product! As for which pop I would choose, I’d have to go with the Scarlet Witch, my favorite Marvel character! My HobbyDB username is AnthonyH012502

  173. I NEED to get my Who Framed Roger Rabbit Judge Doom signed by Christopher Lloyd. He was the first character to give me nightmares as a kid. Absolutely terrified me. lol Love it!!

  174. I would have my Cheshire Cat in Tea Cup graded because I have always been the biggest Alice In Wonderland fan with that crazy kitty being my utmost favorite. My username is Tigres13 and if chosen I would love to take the Freddy Krueger home. My better half loves Freddy as much as I love the Cheshire Cat 😀

  175. I would have my star wars commander cody graded
    and with that said I would love to be the recipient of the darth maul please.have a good day…oh and I have quite a few more I would love to get graded.

    1. I would like have my avengers Iron man pop graded because it’s from New York Comic Con it was gifted from very good friend of mine also would like win Darth Maul Graded Pop because Im huge fan of Star wars but also would be interested in winning Freddy Kruger Graded pop because he was my childhood memory watching him at age of 5

  176. I would like to get my funko Goonies Mouth #78 graded. I never win anything but it would be awesome to win the Tom Brady funko.

  177. I would love to get my Lion-o graded. it is my first pop given to me for Christmas. if I were to win I would like the Freddy Krueger pop, a close second would be scarlet witch.

  178. I don’t have many Funko pops that hold a large value but one of my favorites that do, is my Amy Winehouse one. She’s one of my favorite artists who left us early and I’d love to have her pop value assessed to give it more meaning.

    1. If I could, I’d love to add the Darth Mail to my collection. The Duel of the Fates battle in Episode 1 was life changing as a young kid

  179. That partnership is such great thing. I would have my MOTU Faker (special edition) graded. I’m a big starwars fan so receiving that darth maul would be amazing, but any of those other pops is also ok. my HobbyDB username is D34TH

  180. I’m a huge Bleach anime fan and would have most of my Bleach Pops graded, especially all of my Hollow Ichigo pops as well as all my Ichigo chases and autographs!

  181. my freddy funko GITD but sadly the box is damaged 😭 I’d love to win the freddy Kruger to add to the collection

  182. I think grading Funkos is a very great idea because now we can have a specific grade to backup our personal opinion of the pops condition. I would like for PPG and PSA to grade Out of box pops so maybe people can purchase Out of box pops more trustfully. Also a Graded Freddy Krueger would be awesome!.

  183. The pop I would like graded is my Man of steel Superman! Superman is my favorite superhero character and I love Henry Cavill.
    I would love to win the Tom Brady, PSA 9 I’ve always been a fan of football and Brady is my favorite quarterback!

    Member name is ClarkKent24

  184. Tbh i would love to have my Geralt chase or Jaskier pop to get graded, and if i won id like to get Freddy Krueger auto, big fan of the horror pops and i think it’d be amazing.

  185. I would love to win darth maul PSA 9! I would definitely efintely get my obi-wan kenobi 392 (star wars celebration) psa graded since its my favorite pop and its mint condition so why not further its value!

  186. Geralt chase or Jaskier would be great to get auto’d, and if i won i’d love the Freddy Krueger bc i love the horror pops.

    -Ya Boi

  187. I’ve been collecting funko pops 2 years. And don’t have any high end pops. So would greatly appreciate it. If I could win the Darth Maul.

  188. I would love to have my Dwight Schrute as Scranton Strangler signed by Rainn Wilson graded since thats one of my favorite series ever!
    And I would love to win Tom Brady, PSA 9!
    PPG name is ram_30

  189. I would be over the moon to have my Tombstone Doc Holiday graded. He is my most prized Funko Pop as it brings back fond memories of watching with my Dad when I was younger.
    I would, in turn, like to receive the Freddie Kruger Graded Funko Pop.

  190. Hello!
    The partnership is a great idea! All us crazy collectors already know the value of how much fun collecting these adorable vinyl figures are, but this just adds more validity to the industry as a whole and the skeptics out there that just ‘don’t get it’. This will also take the gray area out of the whole ‘is it really mint?’ question!

    If I had to choose one, I would love to have my Pete’s Dragon Pete and Elliott (invisible) 2 pack Pop graded!
    If I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to win one of these Pops I would have to go with the Freddy Krueger Pop, I think…..although I’ve never really met a Pop I didn’t like!
    So that’s my 2 cents!
    Please enter me (Username: ThunderPop) to your contest and good luck to all!

  191. I would have my Freddy Funko Space Robot Black or my metallic Duck Dodgers graded cuz I have been holding on and taking good care of them for years. it would be nice to get rewarded for that with a high grade.. As for which of the graded POPS! do I want? well that would be Freddy Krueger for sure.. Thank You PPG and HobbyDB

  192. I would want to grade my alligator Loki and win Tom Brady because I only how 8 funko pops and my most expensive is 30. I would love to win because I do not have a sign pop and I love Tom Brady. Thank you for letting me have a chance at a signed funko pop. Thank you

  193. I would love to grade my alligator Loki and win Tom Brady. I only have 8 funko pops in my collection and I really want a signed one from Tom Brady because he is my favorite football player.Sorry for posting again I put the wrong email.

  194. I personally would love to have my black and white Spider-Man graded it’s one of my favorite characters and it’s just so nice to look at .

    If I could pick which I could win I would go for the Darth maul since I love store wars. And it will make a great great piece to own
    — Doc_Funkos

  195. I would love to have my Watchmen Pops graded! They’re my most beloved grails from my collection!

    And to win I’d love the Scarlet Witch Pop! to complete my Civil War set, since I never got the chance to do so! 🙂

  196. I would definitely love to get my green arrow graded as it is the jewel of my collection, either that or one of my Kevin conroy signed Batman
    If i won, for sure the scarlet witch my wife loves her and It would be a great gift, or dauth maul as sadly I don’t have one yet!

  197. so if I win I would love to receive freddy Kruger one of my pop that I would love to have graded if I had to choose I’d think I would go with my blacklight Demagorgon from stranger things

  198. I would like to have my demon slayers graded cause there are a couple rare ones. I would like to win the Darth maul for my partner, he deserves it to be able to add to his collection. He was just in the hospital and they was making him think he was dying. That would make is day.

  199. awesome contest guys! if I had to choose a pop to get graded from my collection it would have to be either my joker bank robber, my island oliver autographed by Stephen Amell, or my venomized punisher autographed by Jon Berthnal. from the list I’d love love love the Freddy Kruger!! Keep up the great work on the site guys, you make lots of people happy 😊

  200. I would definitely have my 2011 Star Wars Han Solo #03 graded or the 2011 Star Wars Greedo #07 that I just ordered. Both are CLASSICS!!! I would definitely choose the Darth Maul above all the others!

  201. It would be cool to have my maximus pop graded – he is the horse from tangled 😆 and I think he may be worth a lot in the future 😀

    The PSA graded pop I would choose would definitely be darth maul! He is my boyfriends favourite Star Wars character so I would give it to him 😍

    1. Nice to see the 2 come together, especially with counterfeits saturating the market….I would have my Joe Dante signed Gizmo PSA graded. I would have to pick the PSA 10 Freddy Krueger hands down! I love horror pops

  202. I would love to have more Batman Rebirth nft grail or Batman Pink chrome. Most i ever spent on funkos and they hold personal value to me and i could never sell them. I would love the psa10 Freddy

  203. For me, it would be my Porg 198. While not especially uncommon. It is was my first POP that was gifted to me by my girlfriend before we were even together. So it holds sentimental value.

    I would absolutely love Darth Maul, PSA 9.

    Can you tell I love my Star Wars?

  204. 1st: Congrats on your partnership 😀
    2nd: I would love to grade my Vegeta Galick Gun [Chalice Collectibles] [Chase], signed by the awesome Christopher Sabat!
    3rd: I would love to get “Scarlet Witch” if I win ^_^

    Thank you for the giveaway and best of luck to all 😀

  205. I would love to have my Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta that is signed by Christopher Sabat graded. Reason being is since it is my favorite pop and have loved DBZ since I found it. I think the Darth Maul would be an awesome addition to my collection! My PPG name is Azwildcatfan52.

  206. I would graded my 2017 summer convention Tony Stark because its been my favorite pop since day one. Jarvis in the eyes and the helmet in hand. What a masterpiece. Brady would look so sweet next to other athlete pops 🙂 good luck everyones and congrats to you for that hell of association. 🙂

  207. I would love to get my Autographed Fully Hollowfied Remark graded and incapsulated to keep it permanently safe. I would love to win the Darth Maul! HobbyDB member AnHerbalDaze

  208. had to be my signed Jason pop. I love all my harley and joker but don’t have none signed yet..

    I would love the Freddy Kruger to go with all my horror.

  209. it would be SUPER cool to get my whole Supernatural set graded, but my first one would have to be my metallic bloody 3 pack. I’ve been obsessed with the show since the first episode and it’s my favorite Pop. With it being a numbered piece, I’m hoping others will see it as cool of a piece as it is to me!!
    If I won, I would definitely LOVE Freddy Kruger!! I’m a huge horror fan and Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the best horror movie (set) to date!
    Thank you all for doing this, y’all are AWESOME!!!

  210. I would like my Mr bean turkey chase graded while even though he’s not my most valuable pop he is one of my favourites. I love that graded Darth Maul as Star Wars is one of my favourite lines of Funko.

  211. I’d like for my chase hanako to be graded. He isn’t really that valuable but he is my one, only and very first chase so to me he is.

    Would love to win the Freddy Krueger, the punny name alone makes him so adorable.

    1. I would like to get my champa flocked that’s signed and verified by JSA, graded. I would like to win the freddy. I love horror movies. freddy is one of my favorites.

  212. ’d like for my chase hanako to be graded. He isn’t really that valuable but he is my one, only and very first chase so to me he is.

    Would love to win the Freddy Krueger, the punny name alone makes him so adorable.

  213. I would love to have my pippin took Funko signed by billy Boyd graded, because it was my first autographed funko. Billy Boyd is by far the nicest actor I have ever met. I would love to win the Darth Maul, as a gift for my girl friend who is a huge Star Wars fan.

  214. id love for my alluka chase to be graded! shes by far my favorite in my collection and brings me a lot of joy as hxh is one of my favorite animes i even have a tattoo of her! I’d love freddy Krueger! he’s my favorite horror character! timeless ans always can be scary!

  215. I’d love to get my Black Widow (Snow Suit) graded. it’s not a very rare one but it’s one of the first ones I got that I needed to wait a while for. I’d love to win the Scarlet Witch Funko pop for my collection. Thanks everyone!

  216. I would love to have my Shining Funkos graded. favorite movie of all time. And I would love the freddy Krueger PSA10 to add to my collection! Have a wonderful day and thanks for the chance.

  217. I would like my Ichigo Kurosaki pop graded because as well as bleach being one of my favorite animes it my favorite pop and I would love to win the Freddy Kruger popitty pop pop

  218. I would really like to get my Don Corleone God father Funko POP graded, and I would like to with the Jimi Hendrix or the Tom Brady Funko POP!! (:

  219. I would grade my original Homer Simpson because it was one of my first pops! I’d love to win Freddy Krueger because Friday the 13th is my second favorite horror movie next to Scream.

  220. I would love to get psa graded my majin vegeta over9000.com as always being my favourite since childhood.
    I’d like the Freddy krueger,grew watching Nightmare series with my uncle and now that he is gone would definitely be a good memory to keep

  221. Classic Collectors SC – I would like to have my Smallville Clark Kent graded because it was the first POP I received as a gift. Any of the POPs in the list would be awesome but if I had to choose one to win it would be Freddy Kruger!

  222. I would love to have some of my Autos graded. and the Freddy Krueger would be sweet. I love horror pops and have been collecting Funko for about 8 months. Hobbydb app is the only app I use for my collection.

  223. A Pop of mine that I would want to get graded would be my Slim Pop signed by the Chiodo Brothers and John Massari. A Pop I would want to win would be the Freddy Krueger.

  224. I would love to have my Walter White graded. I think that would be so, so cool! If I won I think the Scarlet Witch would be definitely the coolest one! Good luck everyone 🙂

  225. Awesome article! I am Rywalker by the way.

    If I were to have a Pop graded, it would have to be my Ewan McGregor autographed Funko Pop- I wanna keep that thing Pristine for life!

    And I would be happy to win any of those, though I would have to choose the Scarlet Witch as my favorite. Keep up the great work PPG!

  226. Ghonda1 here, I would love to win the Darth Maul, PSA 9. Being able to add him to the rest of my Star Wars collection, and my original one would be cool.
    Of all the Pops in my collection that I would really need to have graded and certified is my Slash prototype, and maybe my Bank Robber Joker, but definitely the prototype.