You’ve Spoken! Adding Grading Services to Pop Price Guide

We’ve seen an explosion of interest over the last few years when it comes to Prototypes, Customs and, in particular, Autographed Funko Pop! figures and have been incorporating them into the PPG database.

There’s been plenty of chatter the last three months about grading Funko items the same as Comic Books and Trading Cards.

So while pondering what we should do, we decided to ask you, the PPG Community, if you’d be interested in grading your Funko Pop! figures via PPG – should we offer the service at a comparable price and quality.

Well, we heard you loud and clear when we asked you to choose between CGC, PGS, PSA, VVGS and Pop Price Guide.



We’ve begun to analyze the data from our recent PPG Survey, but it’s quite evident that you not only love grading, but a whopping 60 percent of you would also be in favor of a Pop Price Guide grading service.

Thank you to the first 1,000 fans who completed the survey and our apologies to anyone who missed out. Those who filled out the questionnaire have been entered into a drawing to win $250 in credit in the PPG Marketplace.

Our friends Chris and Heather from Gastlecast will announce the winner at 9 p.m. EST this Monday (Sept. 26). Watch on the Gastlecast YouTube channel here!

Now the real fun begins as our team goes to work to implement grading services. Stay tuned for more information arriving in the near future.

Thanks again from the PPG Team!

  • Alex, Christian, Christopher, Isaac, Timo & Zack

7 thoughts on “You’ve Spoken! Adding Grading Services to Pop Price Guide

  1. What would be the ETA for PPG to start grading. 2023? 2024? I’d be interested to see the grading system and send a couple sealed cases. maybe incorporate custom grade backgrounds like cgc does the comic books to match the theme or the item that is being graded.

  2. You’re announcing a winner in September and I’m just now hearing about any of this in November? Wow 😲. PSA will Certify anything so beware

    1. That was the winner for our Survey we did way back then which is different from the five lucky members who get one of these later this week. We have talked to them and folks who had items graded and think the statement that they grade anything is not true.

  3. I also collect comics books/graphic novels, and therefore I believe this to be a great step forward in Funko Pop! collecting. This could also offer a huge bump in sales overall in the next few years as people not only send in items from their collection, but also look at further expanding their collection with the knowledge that these items will most likely increase in value (if taken proper care of) with a grading system in place that is easy to manage, doesn’t cost too much, and doesn’t take too long.. I look forward to the future of collecting and the future of Funko Pops!

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