Pop Price Guide Survey: Would You Use PPG Grading Services?

Grading Services

Have you always wanted to know the condition of your favorite and most valuable Funko Pop! figures? Are you a seller looking to authenticate your stock?

We’re thinking about bringing Grading Services to Pop Price Guide. But before diving in, we want to consult with you, the collector, on what would make for the ultimate grading experience.

We want to know information such as who you would (or do) trust and use? Is there a company that stands out among services such as CSA, PSA, PGS or VVGS?

We’d also like to know how often you’d use it, how many Pop!s you’d have graded and what you’d pay to get peace of mind for your collection. That and plenty more.

By helping us take this quick, 5-minute survey, we can help you maximize your collecting experience with your autographed items, prototypes and whatever else you collect. Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win a product of your choice worth up to $250 in the PPG Marketplace.

As always, we want to hear your thoughts, questions and concerns. Share them with us below or message us at team@poppriceguide.com.

4 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide Survey: Would You Use PPG Grading Services?

  1. You setting the price of Pops on you webpage is in direct conflict of your wanting to grade Pops. Don’t you see this as a problem? We use to call this ethics. PGS has the same problem.

    1. Hi CJ, we respectfully disagree. If we owned POPs that we grade that would be a conflict of interest. But if we would grade other Member POPs and we value POPs (we do not set prices, we record transactions) how would we benefit from grading them higher or lower than they should be? We are not PGS but they do not even value POPs so do not see your point here either. Can you please explain your position, we like to understand it better?

      1. Are you Pop Price guide, planning on selling Pop Price guide graded Funko POPs?
        Because if you Pop Price guide intend to sell Pop Price guide graded Funko POPs then you are determining their value which would be the conflict. You do afterall sell everyone else’s graded Funko POPs and that is not a conflict because you are acting as a third party in those cases. If however, you sell your own graded POPs you have a major conflict of interest because you are determining the value of your product, which as you have done up to this point, was done as a third disinterested party.

        1. Just to clarify. PPG is not selling any POPs and never will, our members sell their POPs. You are of course right, If we graded AND sold products, either as PPG or one of us privately that would be a big NO NO and we will make that will not happen.

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