Pop Price Guide App: Most-Scanned During August

The Pop Price Guide App continues to set personal records with another enormous month!

To put it in perspective, in July we had four items on the PPG database that were scanned more than 1,000 times by users of the Pop Price Guide App. In August, that number jumped to 14 items.

So which were the most popular among App users? We take a look.

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Most-Scanned During August


16. Stormtrooper


15. Yuji Itadori with Slaughter Demon


14. Thor and Mighty Thor


13. Jeremy Jamm


12. Sylvie (Blacklight)


11. Goku (Driving Exam)


10. Green Goblin (Glow in the Dark)


9. Scarlet Witch (Blacklight)


8. He Who Remains


7. Mr. Knight (Glow in the Dark)


6. Krrsantan


5. Super Sonic First Appearance


4. Black Panther (Art Series)


3. Purge Trooper


2. America Chavez


1. Cassian Andor


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