New York Comic Con ’22: Funko NYCC Reveals Now on Pop Price Guide

The New York Comic Con will take place from Oct. 6-9 but Funko couldn’t wait to get in on the excitement, announcing more than 50 new NYCC reveals!

And now you can find them on Pop Price Guide, including their Shared Exclusives (see the full list below!).

Following this link when you’re ready to add them to your PPG collection!

Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments.


NYCC ’22 Reveals


Smee with Skull Rock (BoxLunch)


Rubik’s Cube (Books-A-Million)


Goku (Ultra Instinct with Kamehameha) (Chalice Collectibles)


Kearny Zzyzwicz (FYE)


Aquaman (Walgreens)


Pizza Rat ’22 (Reed Pop)


Entertainment Earth




Coach Beard


Kayla (Jurassic World)




Hot Topic

Luffy with Going Merry


Emperor (The Joker)


Eric Draven (The Crow)



Neville Longbottom


Kelly Kapoor





Polaroid Camera


Sgt. Slaughter


Five-Headed Dragon



Superman (Red)


Statute of Liberty


Anakin Skywalker with Lightsabers


Toy Tokyo

Gloomy Bear (Bloody)





Vecna (Stranger Things) & Vecna (Dungeons & Dragons)


Steve with Handy Dandy Notebook


Yosemite Sam (Black Knight)


Roger Rabbit


Notorious B.I.G. with Fedora (Gold Glitter Suit)




Shared Exclusives


3 thoughts on “New York Comic Con ’22: Funko NYCC Reveals Now on Pop Price Guide

  1. TMNT as Power Rangers stole the show. Got Leo, Donny, and Shredder. Picked up Mikey and Raphael today! I wonder if they’ll make a Master Splinter as a Power Ranger. Maybe Alpha 5 or Zordon? lol

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