Grading Services on PPG, Plus Our Survey Winner!

We wanted to know your thoughts when it comes to adding Grading Services to Pop Price Guide. Your response was that it’s a resounding Gem Mint, Five-Star, A+ idea.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent survey (scroll down to see if you won our giveaway). We are now able to better understand what you, the PPG community, look for in a grading service.

Your feedback was invaluable and very appreciated. We’ll share more of our findings in the near future. In the meantime, stay tuned while our team goes to work to implement potential grading services to the PPG experience.

What do you collect?

We know you love Funko. But we wanted to know exactly what kind of Funko collectibles we’ll find on your shelves.

Autographed Funko items continue to be the most popular items after standard Pop!, Soda and other figures.

In fact, we’ve added 7,000 signed collectibles to hobbyDB and PPG since creating the ability to add autographed items to the database last November.

Graded items proved of interest among PPG members, finishing around 15 percent along with Customs – which you can also find (more than 1,000!) on hobbyDB.

We heard you and are now beginning the process of creating a PPG Grading Service. Stay tuned for more information as we make progress.

What do you collect? Tell us in the comments below.

PPG Survey Giveaway

Now! Finally to the fun part.

We entered all 1,000 of you who completed the survey into a drawing to win up to $250 in credit towards the PPG Marketplace.

And we’re not fooling around when we announce that Pop Price Guide member JustJoshin is our winner per our random draw on Monday night with help from our friends at the YouTube channel Gastlecast.

Congratulations, JustJoshin! We’ll be in touch shortly.

5 thoughts on “Grading Services on PPG, Plus Our Survey Winner!

    1. How would we know? Funko used to document this but had stopped doing it and reserves the right to reproduce any Funko item unless it was a Limited Edition.

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