PPG Marketplace: Selling Entire Collections, Lots and Lists Made Easy

PPG Marketplace

Life happens. Sometimes we find ourselves as the seller, rather than the collector.

It’s always our goal to make selling on the Pop Price Guide Marketplace an easy and enjoyable experience, whether you’re selling a handful of items or an entire lot.

Thanks to some recent upgrades to the PPG Marketplace, we’re now offering the ability to sell entire collections, lots or individual lists.

Our service is an ideal tool if you find yourself in a position where you’d like to sell your entire collection/lots/lists in one transaction. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.

Perhaps you need to scale back, have lost interest or could use a few extra bucks in your pocket. It’s also a convenient way to handle a collection from a loved one who has passed away.

The process is simple. Make sure your collection on PPG is completely up-to-date. Then tell us when you’re ready to sell and we’ll go ahead and present your collection to a number of selected (and trusted) Collection Buyers. Once we have their sealed bids, we’ll leave it up to you to decide which offer best suits your needs.

The best part is that if you sell a collection via the PPG Marketplace, we can quickly transition it to the Buyer’s Pop Price Guide collection and Showcase. This means our Collection Buyers are able to save time and money, thus making you better offers in the end.

Thinking of selling your collection (or a part of it)? Follow this link for some tips from Pop Price Guide member wdwprincess2199, who recently sold three collections via the PPG Marketplace. See them here!

Give it a try and let us know. We’re always open to any questions or concerns. Message us at team@poppriceguide.com and we’ll do our best to address any issues.

2 thoughts on “PPG Marketplace: Selling Entire Collections, Lots and Lists Made Easy

  1. I read all the information that is listed in selling your collection. I realize that selling and buying can be a very tricky thing BUT I’m not going to accept a bid, ship it, then the buyer whom we don’t know says it’s what it says, or complains about certain pieces, or says it isnt what it was suppose to be. Granite, a seller may try to pull a fast one but for someone like me to send a complete collection out without getting paid first just isn’t gonna happen.

    1. That is obviously your choice and yes, the service is not for everybody. That being said we vet Collection Buyers carefully and build long-term relationships with them. We are working on Collection No. 81 and so far have been able to figure out problems like items damaged in the mail when they happened.

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