Most Popular Amazon Exclusives from Funko

It’s Amazon Prime day!

With close to 525 Amazon Exclusives from Funko found on Pop Price Guide, we were curious to see which among them were the most popular. We break down the Amazon Exclusives that are most-owned by you, the PPG members.

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Top-20 Most-Owned Amazon Exclusives on PPG


20. Pua & Hei Hei (Owned by 4,357 users)


19. Demiguise (Invisible) (4,522)


18. Whiplash vs. Iron Man (4,661)


17. Nick Fury with Goose (4,742)


16. Captain Marvel (Flying) (Unmasked) (4,851)


15. Chicken Deadpool (5,367)


14. Hulk (Ragnarok) (Casual) (Fall Convention)


13. Valkyrie (Endgame) (5,760)


12. Deadpool (Movie) (Thumbs Up) (Yellow) (5,819)


11. Edna Jack-Jack (5,880)


10. Starlord (6,510)


9. Captain American with Mjolnir (6,676)


8. Sulley (Waving) (Flocked) (7,522)


7. Groot (Adolescent) (7,857)


6. Wonder Woman (7,889)


5. Iron Man Mark 43 (Unmasked) (7,900)


4. Venom (Leaping)


3. Pennywise with Severed Arm (9,512)


2. Yellowjacket (Glow in the Dark) (9,601)


1. Captain America (Light Blue) (9,738)


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