Making the Most of List Features on Pop Price Guide


You’ve spent a lifetime building your collection. Now it’s carefully arranged and proudly displayed.

As you look around at your vast collection, do you find yourself asking “How am I going to keep track of all these?”

Have no fear, Pop Price Guide has you covered with our customizable List features.


What are Lists


PPG Lists allow you to group together items in your collection.

For example, perhaps you collect Star Wars. You can create a list of just your Star Wars items. Does your fandom run deeper? Make a List for each movie, i.e. a “Clone Wars List” or a “Return of the Jedi List.”

The best part is that you can customize as many Lists as you’d like using the parameters that you create.



Creating your List!


Creating Lists is easy. Locate the “List Management” option under the My Stuff tab.

From this List hub you can create, edit or delete Lists. You can even mark them as Private so only you can see them.

Get started by clicking the New List button in the upper right!



Adding to your List


You can add items to your lists when you first add them to your Collection (using the long form), when editing an item, or from Collection Management using the Bulk Actions feature.



Time to share!


Can’t invite everyone over to check out your collection? Bring your collection to them!

Your PPG Lists are easily shareable. Simply select your list and copy the URL. From there you can send to family, friends or fellow collectors, share on social media and more.

Give it a try and let us know! As always, we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns. Message us at

8 thoughts on “Making the Most of List Features on Pop Price Guide

  1. My question is….I have a “2016 Donald Trump” Presidential candidate Pop, and a “2016 Hillary Clinton” Presidential Candidate Pop. Both still in Box, I have not been able to find a current going price anywhere for them. Can you help me ?

    1. Trump is easy, assuming it is this one. Clinton in blue is here, but in pink she is harder as we cannot find any sales for her (this one). If you could post photos of yours that would be great as we only have the release photos for all of these.

  2. Is there any chance we can get the list functionality (or something similar) to our wishlists? It is the second biggest feature I miss from the old PPG. I loved the ability to categorize my wants from the ones I need to complete a set, treat-yo’selfs, flockeds, one’s i’ve preordered but haven’t arrived, etc.
    The current format renders the wishlist useless to me. What’s the point of adding to the wishlist when I can only see it 21 items at a time in alphabetical order? I ended up doing a hack from old PPG when only the wishlist had functionality. People would just put their collection into the wishlist and then categorize them. I ended up creating a dummy account where all the items in my “collection” are actually my wishlist sorted into lists.

  3. Can we get a feature that lets us download our lists or collection as an excel file? I keep one myself that has checkbox categories like black light, GITD, chase, exclusive, autographed, etc.

  4. I have 2,000 items to enter; already on an excel spreadsheet. Is there an import function??
    Thank you

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