Pop Price Guide Marketplace: Goodbye Tokens, Hello Low Seller Fees

Attention Pop Price Guide Marketplace Sellers, we’re excited to announce that we’re changing the way that Seller Fees work.

After careful consideration and consulting with the community, we came to the conclusion that the Token System was not ideal for our members. So we decided to find another solution for our community.

Effective today, we’re removing the Token system altogether and transitioning to a Final Value Fee, officially known as the PayPal Partner Fee.


How it will work


How does this sound? You can now list all of your sale items for free!

When you make a sale, you will then only pay the Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Partner Fee of 5 percent on the total value of the transaction. The Partner Fee automatically comes out of the Checkout, so we will never send you a bill.


How does it compare?


At 5 percent, that’s significantly more cost effective than what other sites charge.  Amazon and eBay’s effective take rate is above 15% (that is their Final Value fee combined with other fees charged), Mercari is at 10% and if you can get approval to sell on WhatNot, they charge 8%. 

When it comes to Facebook, although there are no fees, we have all been burned when it comes to deals gone bad and it always seems to be a nightmare when managing what has and hasn’t sold. The good news is that you can actually use the PPG inventory management system to post on Facebook, giving you access to their buyers, while being able to maintain your inventory all in one place.

In fact, when you post your listings on Facebook, our integration creates an ad for your items that links directly back to your items for sale. You can post in as many FB Groups as you’d like, and if the item has already sold out, your customers will be able to see what else you have available (so you won’t have to answer those pesky “Is this still available” questions anymore). To see how it works, check out this help article here.


What about my old Tokens?


Did you already purchase tokens that you haven’t used, yet? Have no fear. Contact us separately at support@hobbydb.com and we’ll get you squared away.


Why sell on the PPG Marketplace


With free sales listings, there is no risk to list an item for sale on the Pop Price Guide Marketplace. Not only is the Marketplace a more cost efficient platform than the competition, but you’ll also benefit from an excellent inventory management system powered by a database of every collectible ever made (eventually).

The PPG Marketplace also is the only site that has total ease when it comes to listing. With the combination of Best Offers and Request Shipping, you don’t have to know the exact value of your items or calculate shipping costs ahead of time. So you can put thousands of your duplicates on the site for free, and then sit back and relax until the offers come rolling in. 

If you’re a new seller and finally ready to give the PPG Marketplace a try, we’re here to get you started with a handy Introduction to Selling Guide that you can peruse by following this link.

As for buyers, we also want to make sure that they have a marketplace experience that they can trust. You are secured by our Trusted Seller program as well as the PayPal Protection Guarantee.

Have any questions or concerns? We’re here to help. Message us at support@hobbydb.com and we’ll do our best to address any issues.

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