Pop Price Guide App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in May


What a month for the Pop Price Guide App! May marked the first time the App averaged more than 5,000 daily users!

Among the most-popular items scanned by users of the App include Earth Day Pop!s and Stranger Things collectibles. But which item was tops? We take a look.

Have you downloaded the PPG App and its barcode scanning technology? Use it for quick, in-store research or easy access to collection management tools. Android and iOS versions available here!


Most-Scanned Funko Pop!s in May


14. Mr. DNA (Diamond)

Jurassic Park


13. Eddie with Guitar

Pop! Rocks


12. Defender Strange



11. Lucas

Stranger things


10. Cobb Vanth

Star Wars


9. Triple H and Shawn Michaels (2-Pack)



8. Eleven with Eggos / Mike / Dustin / Lucas


7. Eleven (Mall Outfit) (Blacklight)

Stranger Things


6. Dustin (Vest) (Blacklight)

Stranger Things


5. Demogorgon (Blacklight)

stranger things


4. Te Fiti


3. Boastful Loki



2. Friend Bear (Earth Day)

Care Bears


1. Black Orchid (Earth Day)

DC Comics

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