Collector Spotlight: Strolling Disney’s Main Street USA with Pop Price Guide Member wdwprincess2199



For Heather Lash, aka Pop Price Guide user wdwprincess2199, a tour of her Funko collection is like a stroll down Disney’s Main Street, U.S.A.

From Belle to WALL-E, Heather takes us through her fabulous Disney fandom by kindly answering some questions about her collection and more.

That includes being among the first sellers in the Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Marketplace to sell “lots” as part of our new bulk sale option.

Check out how you can sell a “lot” by following this link!


Over to you, Heather!


What was your first Funko Pop!?

My first two Funko Pop figures were Number 21, Belle, and Number 22 Beast, from Beauty and the Beast. I remember being upset that my Belle box was slightly damaged but realized I loved that pair so much, I wouldn’t ever sell them, so the box condition didn’t matter.


What was it about them that got you hooked?

I’m not a major collector. Originally I said I would only collect Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid Pops for sentimental reasons of them being childhood favorites. That then expanded to WALL-E (and adulthood favorite) and Disney Park Exclusives. It was so hard to get Disney parks exclusives for a while though, so I tried not to get caught up in the chaos.


Do you have a favorite?

One you’ll never give up? See above!! Even though I just sold all my Beauty and the Beast, I did not sell those original 2. I love them and they’re a great memory of the collection I once had.




How many did you have at the height of your collection?

Only a small collector here my peak was 73 but they were almost completely from just those four themes (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, WALL-E and Parks Exclusive).



Do you exclusively collect Disney items?

Yes, we’re a big Disney house. I met my husband on a Disney dating site and we were married at Walt Disney World, so it’s safe to say most of our collectibles are Disney or a Disney owned brand.


What else do you collect besides Funko?

Argh, this is hard. I’m not a set collector in anything else. I do have a number of Minnie/ Mickey ears and we have a lot of Disney art and Lego models. However I’m really sticking to my WALL-E Funko’s as my remaining collection these days. As a family we are board gamers though, and have a healthy collection of those.



You recently sold three collections on the PPG Marketplace, how would you describe that experience?

The selling process was a breeze, the whole team was perfectly communicative, the buyer was so clear with instructions and payment was made in a timely manner.

The team made selling a bulk collection easy and I felt like I was very supported as a seller in navigating the process. I would definitely go through this process again in the future if I had another collection to sell or if I was looking to buy as well.


Do you have any tips or advice for others looking to sell complete sets on PPG?

Keep your product lists in the database up-to-date. It made it so easy for me to share which items I was ready to sell as a group. The database is so easy to maintain as a user – and it shines even more when you’re selling, all the images are already there, the history etc. I made a point to keep my database up to date and it was worth the time I’d put into that, so when I did want to sell in bulk it was just a few clicks.


Thank you, Heather!


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