Record-Setting Funko Pop! Sale Coming Exclusively to Pop Price Guide!

Ladies and gentlemen, the GrailMonster has struck again.

We here at Pop Price Guide have seen our fair share of Funko Pop! figures sell for an eye-popping amount on the secondary markets.

Determining which Pop! has fetched the highest price ever has always been the subject of great debate among the Funko community.

Until now. 

We’re talking about Funko history and you’ll only find it exclusively here on Pop Price Guide.

PPG shareholder and contributor GrailMonster is living up to his member name (we’re not sharing his real name to protect his privacy) with what we believe is the most ever paid for a Funko Pop! on record.

Want to know which Pop! it is?

You’ll have to tune in to at 3 p.m. PDT on Monday, May 9 where we’ll unveil an exclusive video of the record-setting purchase!

Until then, here’s a little teaser…



We’ll be adding this price point to the item in the PPG database as part of our new initiative to document rare and higher-end Funko items (and even non-Funko items on our partner site hobbyDB).

Read more about this program to provide better prices for items that have limited runs ranging from 1 to 108 and sell for more than $1,000 by following this link.

Have any guesses which Pop! will set the record?



May 9 UPDATE  –  Read all about it here.

10 thoughts on “Record-Setting Funko Pop! Sale Coming Exclusively to Pop Price Guide!

  1. Let’s see.. .California, home of Junot who owns like 50% of the Freddy Venoms and other very high end grails. Plus the fact the GitD Alex DeLarge was shown makes me think it’s a Freddy Venom or the mentioned Alex Delarge that was purchased.

  2. Could be the Golden Ticket 2 pack. Considering Rudy was there & he owns that one 🤷🏽‍♂️ if so, big congrats to Rudy 😃🤙🏽

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