FunkoWeen 2022 Reveals Now Haunting the Pop Price Guide Database


Boo! And whew.

The Pop Price Guide team has been hard at work adding close to 200 new items from this year’s FunkoWeen to the PPG database.

Remember to pre-order your favorites from Entertainment Earth. Look for the Entertainment Earth link on every FunkoWeen item on PPG.

And stay tuned. Our team (see more below) will be adding more of the new Funko Sodas really soon.

Beware!!! Mwuahahaha! You’re going to want to add a lot of these to your collection…


FunkoWeen 2022


Carrie (Bloody)


Pennywise (Blacklight)


Elvira (Blacklight)



Child's Play


Battle Levi (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan




Trick or Treat Disney



Spider Willie



Gotham Knights

DC Comics


Gloomy Bear


Hades with Pain & Panic



Frankenstein (Blacklight)


Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter


Jack Skellington


Funko Soda



Hannibal Lecter




Hocus Pocus


Trick ‘R Treat





Our awesome PPG Squad is the reason why we were able to get these added to the database as quickly as we did. This volunteer team adds items, as well as prices and UPC codes and a lot more. In exchange they earn exclusive badges for their PPG Showcases. Message us at for more information.

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