Caption This! Pop Price Guide Digital Collectible Challenge

Calling all creative geniuses and fellow goofballs alike!

We’re getting ready to unveil another wave of digital collectibles from our exclusive series “The Life of Poppy.

And your clever captioning skills can help.

We’re looking for short, quick and punchy titles for each of our new digital designs. We’ll then select a handful of the best and put them up to a vote via PPG and our social media channels.

The winner will have their title featured on the Digital Collectible. Then we’re going to broadcast your Showcase and awesomeness far and wide.

Remember to keep the PG in PPG and have fun with them.

Here’s Design No. 1. Some examples include “Labor of Love” and “Starting Them Off Early!”

We welcome your suggestions in the comments below.


Design No. 1 –

Digital Collectible

PPG Digital Collectibles


The Life of Poppy collection was our first journey into the world of digital collectibles.

We chose to forego traditional NFTs in lieu of a simpler form of digital art. One that’s easier to collect, benefits some of our favorite artists and gets the community involved in making them their own.

Read more about PPG Digital Collectibles here.

For anyone who also collects diecast models, check out our recent digital series featuring never-before-seen art from iconic Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood.


Design No. 2 –

Digital Collectibles

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Caption This! Pop Price Guide Digital Collectible Challenge

  1. I have an idea for a short quick punchy title for The Life of Poppy-
    ( Is not for sale, it’s for sale ).
    applying that when a person purchasing more than one of the same pop, to just sell it for resale. Which implies It’s not for sale It’s for sale It’s, like that Batman’s slapping Robin meme.

    from- Jossue b / user( billyx378 )

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