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We know you love your Funko, but if you also collect items such as trading cards, model cars or have dabbled in the NFT market, you know just how hot the collectibles industry is these days.

In a world of fragmented solutions, Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB are here to revolutionize the collectibles market by providing an all-inclusive environment that celebrates everyone’s fandom.


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Find out what Crowdfunding means to PPG and why it’s important here.


PPG’s success is dependent on its community, which is why we felt it was essential to provide our members with an opportunity to own a part of the site that they love and use daily.

This is your opportunity to get a foot in the door of the $500 billion collectibles industry by investing in the site that your support helped to build.

Thanks to you, this round of crowdfunding is already 563 percent above our goal! But, we need your support in order for us to really make huge strides in terms of features and performance.

We use WeFunder to manage this process because they are the largest SEC-approved Crowdfunding platform.

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If you enjoy what we do and believe in our team, please consider investing in us. Backing the project will help us continue to make PPG the ultimate source for Funko collectors and we will work hard to one day also become the ultimate home for all collectors worldwide.

But your time to join more than 1,200 investors is quickly coming to an end! This round of crowdfunding will draw to a close on April 22 (That is less than one week away!).


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The best news is that with your support we can finally add a bunch of features requested by the community including adding – Real Time Alerts from the Price Guide, Drop Alerts, Trading in the PPG Marketplace and Image Recognition software for the App (now with more than 100,000 downloads!).

That, plus lots and lots of new price points and more.


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Click above for complete details and information on how you can own a part of Pop Price Guide and the hobbyDB Family of brands!


2 thoughts on “Time Running Short to Own a Part of Pop Price Guide & hobbyDB

  1. Are there plans to expand this format to include other collectibles? I collect vintage 3 3/4″ GI Joes and Vintage Masters of the Universe figures as well as Funko products.. A database for these would be a great tool for those communities as well!

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