East Coast Collecting and PPG Team Up for Exclusive Muppets Autographed Funko Remake by Guy Gilchrist


It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights… with our newest friends from East Coast Collecting!

We’re teaming up to introduce an autographed exclusive that we’re sure you’re going to go wild over.

How wild?


Get Yours Here!


An-i-mal! An-i-mal! An-i-mal!


Here’s your opportunity to add to your collection an exclusive Funko Pop! figure autographed by larger-than-life artist and writer Guy Gilchrist.

In addition to the signature, Gilchrist has adorned each box with a unique illustrated “remake” depicting Animal from the Muppets.

And you’ll only find this 25-piece limited edition series here on Pop Price Guide.

So you’ll need to act quickly.

Each autographed Pop! costs $140 and includes free shipping (except Alaska & Mexico).

These Pop!s are pre-packaged and ready to ship. You will be selected one at random. Potential Pop!s include notable Gilchrist characters such as –

  • Bugs Bunny as Superman #342
  • Taz 312
  • Taz as The Flash 344
  • Jerry (Tom & Jerry) 1097
  • Tom (Tom & Jerry) 1096
  • Jim Henson 19
  • Jim Henson 20
  • Mister Rogers 635
  • Leonardo 1134
  • Raphael 1135
  • Super Shredder 1138
  • Sorcerer Mickey 794
  • Sorcerer Mickey 799
  • Sorcerer Mickey 990
  • Winnie the Pooh 252

Your Pop! will arrive in a Monthly Pops Hard Stack protector and come with a JSA authenticated COA.

Jim Henson

Guy Gilchrist, Comic Strip Hero


Judging by that list above, there’s a good chance that Guy Gilchrist played some sort of role in your childhood. 

With more than 60 children’s books to his credit, Gilchrist has helped shape franchises and characters such as Looney Tunes,  Minnie Mouse and the Pink Panther, as well as Tom & Jerry and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to name just a handful.

Between 1981 and 1986, Gilchrist and his brother Brad, helped breathe life into the nationally syndicated Muppets comic strip that appeared in hundreds of newspapers across the country.

He then spent 23 years producing the comic strip “Nancy.”


Get to know East Coast Collecting


East Coast Collecting has strapped on its armor and wielded its sword for a simple, yet highly noble quest. 

Summon the Knights of the Holy Chase! It’s time to find you that coveted grail.

East Coast Collecting got its humble start during the early days of the pandemic when Ted Rubin began flipping trading cards on eBay.

And in doing so, he found the inspiration for East Coast Collecting by connecting with his past.

“I found a passion in it,” he says of the company he runs alongside his wife. “Stuff I enjoyed in my younger years.”


It didn’t take long before he gained a following and gravitated to online auctions and more. Today, East Coast Collecting has grown into a licensed retailer specializing in Funko and “everything nerdgasmic in between.”

For Rubin, it’s all about building and fostering the collectibles community.

You’ll find pre-orders, and items from brands such as Funko and Handmade by Robots on the East Coast Collecting site, in addition to their Mystery Boxes that are aimed at “fueling your inner nerd.”

Peruse their official website by following this link!

Then make sure to visit poppriceguide.com at 1 p.m. est to score your limited edition Animal autographed by Guy Gilchrist!

Questions? Let us know by messaging us at team@poppriceguide.com!


Purchase Guy Gilchrist Animal Remake Here!



5 thoughts on “East Coast Collecting and PPG Team Up for Exclusive Muppets Autographed Funko Remake by Guy Gilchrist

  1. Bin noch nicht lange funko pop Liebhaberin aber ich finde es cool eine neue edition zu machen.. Bevor es wer anderer macht und keine funko Pops mehr sind.. Ist das echt eine coole sache

    1. Translating the essence of this comment for most of our audience “I have recently become a Funko Pop Fan and think it is cool to create these new Editions.”

  2. Now I see that you can’t choose your piece.. which is dumb since the only ones I would be interested in are the Jim Hensons or the Tom and Jerrys.. I don’t collect the other lines so.. so to purchase an expensive piece and not even get what you want is kind of silly IMO. I want to buy but not just a random piece from a line I don’t collect.

  3. Sorry you feel it’s dumb, but for variants and signature runs it’s quite normal to randomize it. I always try my best to find the ones people want. But this is ART and fun, if you reallllly need one reach out and we can discuss. However what’s listed is not the only ones in the bunch.

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