Time for Some Fun: Introducing Pop Price Guide Digital Collectibles – The Life of Poppy

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There’s no denying the sudden surge of NFTs and Cryptocurrency within the collectibles universe. But to be honest, we here at Pop Price Guide weren’t quite exactly sure how to even pronounce NFT. And when we read that Crypto used up more energy last year than the entire country of Ireland, well, let’s just say our curiosity in “Interested Ape” quickly turned to disinterest.

So we set out to carve our own notch in the niche market of digital collectibles, something cool harking back to trading cards way back. Something that celebrates (and sometimes pokes fun at) everything that we know and love about collecting. Introducing our new series of PPG Digital Collectibles. We decided not to bother with the complexities of the blockchain, and instead, we focused solely on making our digital art collectible, exclusive, fun and, most importantly, affordable. Similar to trading cards we all had at school.  Learn more about them here.

All of us can identify with both the highs and lows of being a collector, the first time you find a chase in the wild, and the thousandth time something sells out just before you were able to click buy. For our first edition, we’ve worked with our incredible Volunteer Squad to dream up some ways to offer digital artwork that can be proudly displayed on your Pop Price Guide Showcase. And remember, once vaulted, always vaulted 😉


Introducing The Life of Poppy

Our first series brings us the “The Life of Poppy,” a comic strip involving Poppy and her partner Chase navigating the joys, quirks and frustrations of collecting Funko.  Poppy and Chase are all of us. They’re the Minnie to our Mickey, the Jack to our Rose and the C-3PO to our R2-D2. 

As promised over the last few weeks, the first edition Digital Collectible will be added as a gift to everyone who has “liked” the Funko subject page on Pop Price Guide prior to today.

Look for it arriving in your PPG Showcase, both in your Collection (sort by newest first to see it) and in a private list that has been created called “Digital Collectibles” later today. If you’ve “liked” the Funko subject prior to today and still haven’t received yours — or if we’ve accidentally given you too many — message us tomorrow and we’ll take a closer look.

Like the idea? Ready to Collect them All?

Available today – The Life of Poppy series currently features four additional exclusive comics.

Digital Collectibles

Available now! Get yours here!


You can own one for only $1.50, or you can own the whole set for a mere $6. Each comic will be minted until the end of March – then never again! 

These Digital Collectibles will live in your Showcase and you will be able to either hold on to them for life, or sell them in the future if you so chose.
Not your thing, but still want to support Pop Price Guide? Or want to share the love with another Funko collector in your life? You can also “gift” Digital Collectibles to other PPG members via our new Transferring feature. Simply buy one here and follow these instructions to transfer. And don’t forget, this will also show one of your favorite sites some love 😉

In the future, we’ll be working with familiar artists and designers to bring more exclusive collectible art to you. Have some ideas? Definitely let us know in the comments below or message us at support@hobbydb.com.

As always, we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns.

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    1. Oooops, if you still like Funko (the Subject on PPG or hobbyDB) we will provide you with another one later this week (this happened to a few others…).

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