Pop Price Guide Digital Collectibles: Don’t Miss Out on Poppy & Chase

Digital Collectibles

Have you had a chance to meet Poppy & Chase?

The duo is our fun way of introducing our new venture into the world of Digital Collectibles.

We have gifted the first installment* of the comic strip “The Life of Poppy” to every user who had “liked” the Funko subject page on Pop Price Guide on Thursday last week. The collection features four more exclusive pieces of art found solely on PPG and hobbyDB.

Poppy and Chase are all of us. They’re fanatics traversing the many quirks, frustrations and, of course, joys of collecting Funko.

Complete the set here or buy your individual faves, all for $6 or only $1.50 each. Buy yours here!

Introducing “The Life of Poppy.” If you’re anything like us, you’ve found yourself in a few of these situations before. We’d like to hear about some of your relatable experiences or nuances specific to the world of collecting. Share them with us in the comments below.


Meet Poppy & Chase


PPG’ing Over Dinner*

Digital Collectibles

There’s no good time to remind someone about the one that got away.


I Was Only Gone One Night

Digital Collectibles

There’s nothing better than coming home to a surprise waiting on your doorstep.


Time to Sell the Car

Digital Collectibles

Collecting always comes with some tough decisions…and never enough space.


Timing in Everything

Digital Collectible

We’ve all been here and have the bite marks on our laptops to prove it.


Whatever You Do, Don’t Blink

Digital Collectibles

Admit it, though. You love the thrill of the chase.


Think of this as our fun way of saying thanks for the support. Money generated from this promo helps us develop the site and build some of the cool new features and tools designed to help you maximize your collecting experience.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s still time to jump on the bandwagon. Head over to the Funko subject page on Pop Price Guide and click the heart icon. Do it before the end of March and we’ll add the first “PPG’ing Over Dinner* to your PPG Showcase next week for free. These will no longer be available after March 31.


Digital Collectibles


Then! Be on the lookout for more from the world of Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB Digital Art.

The Life of Poppy” was a fun way to start. We’ll be releasing more Digital Collectibles from some of your favorite brands and artists beginning in two to three weeks.

We would love to hear what kind of Digital Collectibles and other exclusives you’d like to see or collect on Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB. Let us know by commenting below or by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com.

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