Maximizing the Power of Your Pop Price Guide Showcase

You spent your entire life building your collection and have taken the time to add it to Pop Price Guide.

Now it’s time to show it off. We’re here to demonstrate how you can maximize the power of your PPG Showcase.

Think of your Showcase as your museum. After handling some details in the backend under Collection Management (My Stuff > Collection Management), head to your Showcase to sit back and admire it all.

We want to help you make your Showcase sizzle. With customized lists and images, the look and functionality of your Showcase is entirely up to you. And a blank slate of potential awesomeness. For example, you could give your Batcave a new look for every day of the week.


Monday is Batgirl Day!



Tuesday it is Batman’s Turn…



And Wednesday The Joker!



Check out some tips and features! And make sure to check out below for an exclusive surprise to help dress up your Showcase.


Customize It!

You’re going to want your Showcase to look as good as your collection. Jazz it up with avatar and banner images to give your collection some personality.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. We’re going to begin highlighting our favorite Showcases on our social media channels.

Banner Images


And be on the lookout for a contest that will offer a credit to the Pop Price Guide marketplace for the community’s favorite Showcase.

After crafting your Showcase in all its glory, you can then share it among your friends via the conveniently located social media buttons.

And that URL? That’s yours. Feel free to share away with family, friends and fellow collectors! Or with total strangers. Whomever wants to see a kickass collection.


View It!



You’ll find your customized lists along with your now robust Wish List located under your banner image for easy access.

It’s here where you’ll find sorting options to search your own collection using parameters such as Alphabetical (A to Z), Added (Newest to Oldest) and Estimated Value (Highest to Lowest). 

Along the left side you’ll find some fun stuff, including your collection stats. e.g. the number of collectibles in your collection and Wish List, as well as Estimated Value.



In addition to displaying your most-valuable items, the Top-10 list also features a timestamp from the last time your value was updated and a chart that tracks the historical value of your collection.

Pop Price Guide Squad members also will see their stats – database items added and prices assigned, as well as verified subjects and items.


Organize It!

We know how big some of your collections have grown. First off, where do you keep it all???

We’ll let you worry about that. Let us help you organize it all on Pop Price Guide. 

Meet us over in the Dashboard (My Stuff > Dashboard).




It’s here where you can organize your collection using our filter and bulk editing tools. You’ll also find in this Dashboard features for Wish Lists and the ability to break your collection by categories that are completely customizable to your collection’s needs.

Does the thought of individually searching for all of the items in your collection on the database feel a bit daunting? We get it.

To help, try the Pop Price Guide/ hobbyDB App. Its UPC barcode scanning technology is the ideal tool for quickly locating and adding an item to your collection. Download the Android or iOS versions here!

Remember to stay calm, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for an item to appear in your Showcase. It’s usually a lot quicker, but, hey, technology, right?


View Others!



There are hundreds of cool Showcases on Pop Price Guide. We suggest checking some of them out. You can search individual member Showcase using the filters located under the search bar on any PPG page. You can also do a “blank” search of members and see them all!

Once you find some of your favorites, let them know by clicking the Heart in the upper left of their avatar image.

That’s a lot of info. Trust us, we know. Still have questions? We’re more than happy to answer any of them. Message us at


Join more than 1,100 fellow collectors in owning a part of Pop Price Guide via our latest round of Crowdfunding. Investing with PPG and the hobbyDB family of brands is easy and puts you in the same company as Hot Wheels icon Larry Wood and PSA Ceo Nat Turner. The best part? You can invest for as little as $100. The bester part? Unlike a donation, investing in Pop Price Guide means that you’ll do well if we do well. Full details here.

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