Pop Price Guide Expanding its Autograph Collectibles Database


When it comes to adding autographed items to Pop Price Guide, our excitement is certifiably authentic.

You, the PPG users, voted overwhelmingly in support of adding signed Funko items to the PPG database. In the year-and-a-half since, Pop Price Guide has become home to more than 2,400 autographed items, including 60 (and counting) added in January alone.

During that time, we’ve formed several partnerships with respected vendors such as 7 Bucks A Pop and Monthly Pops, as well as Kool Toys & Games, ToyZilla and more to offer exclusive signed and certified Funko collectibles.

We’re talking about a wide range of signees from Michael J. Fox to voice actors and actresses such as Blake Belladonna.

Autographs Monthly Pops

Add ‘Em!

Now it’s possible to add your own signed items to Pop Price Guide.

By becoming a member of the quickly-growing Pop Price Guide Squad, you’ll join fellow collectors volunteering their time to help build and maintain the site. 

Are you a current Squad member and want a refresher on the how and why we add autographs? Follow this link

Not a member and would like us to add a specific autographed item to the guide? Leave a comment below.

Autographs 7 Bucks A Pop

Promote ‘Em!

Do you organize and sell authentic, certified signed items?

Let us help you promote your items via the Pop Price Guide Marketplace, the PPG Blog and our social channels.

Message us at team@poppriceguide and we’ll get you set up.

AutographsFunko and Beyond!

We know that many of you collect more than just Funko. One of the perks of being a PPG user is that your same log-in information also grants you free access to hobbyDB.

From here you can add non-Funko items from FiGPiN, Hasbro and lots more. That includes autographed items. Take a peek at some of the signed non-Funko collectibles on hobbyDB here.

What other signed items do you collect? What kind of autographed collectibles would you like to see us add to Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB?

As always, we value your feedback. Let us know your thoughts, concerns and questions by commenting below or by messaging us at support@hobbydb.com!


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hobbyDB Crowdfunding

18 thoughts on “Pop Price Guide Expanding its Autograph Collectibles Database

  1. Trying to sell an autographed Conan O’Brien #1 SDCC exclusive pop. Don’t know value or where to start to get a value or who wants to buy these.

    1. First it has to be added to the database, you can message us via help.hobbydb.com with the photo and whatever other information you hold (or join our team and do it yourself!). You can then offer for sale (explained here).

  2. I have a ton of interestingly signed Funkos. I don’t want to sell any but I wouldn’t mind adding them and giving them a value. No clue how this works.

  3. I have a few Walking Dead signed POPs like Michael Rooker “Zombie Merle”, Steven Yeun “Glenn” bloody variant, and Scott Wilson “Headless Hershel”.
    I would love to see them added to the Database as well as their values.
    I met them all at Cons and while I never got a COA on them, all the sigs are valid.

  4. Having utilized this site for years now for keeping my collection up to date and selling, I would love to see about joining the volunteer team to get some signed Pops entered in the system!

    Hoping to get the signed Purple Chrome Mark Hamil (Official Pix) in the system!

  5. Have a couple signed pops that I’d like to know what the estimated value would be for them. Is there an email somewhere where I can send photos of them and the documentation to get a quote and have them added to the database for my collection?

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