Most-Valuable Funko Pop! Figures: Women of Marvel’s MCU

Marvel Comics MCU

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe wouldn’t be able to exist with its powerful women. Their strengths and heroism are as breath-taking as they are inspiring.

We decided to take a look at some of our favorite heroines from Marvel’s MCU, along with their most-valuable Funko item.

Give them a look below, and remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate as we add more and more price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Scroll down to find out how you can help! Click each item to see it’s current PPG value.


Some of our favorite women of the MCU


Yelena Belova (White Outfit) ($140)

All Yelena Belova

Marvel Comics


Scarlet Witch (Avengers: Age of Ultron) ($80)

All Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

Marvel Comics


Black Widow with Shield ($60)

All Black Widow

Marvel Comics


Okoye ($60)

All Okoye

Marvel Comics


Valkyrie (Battle Outfit) [SDCC] ($55)

All Valkyrie

Marvel Comics


Gamora (Vol. 2) ($42)

All Gamora

Marvel Comics


Mantis (Vol. 2) ($42)

All Mantis

Marvel Comics


Agent Carter (Sepia) ($40)

All Agent Carter

Marvel Comics


Venomized Captain Marvel (Glow in the Dark) ($40)

All Captain Marvel

Marvel Comics


Agatha Harkness (Soda) ($32)

All Agatha Harkness

Marvel Comics


Nebula (Quantum Realm Suit) (Mystery Minis) ($28)

All Nebula

Marvel Comics Mystery Minis


Kate Bishop (Amazon) ($23)

All Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

Marvel Comics


Wasp (Unmasked) ($23)

All Wasp

Marvel Comics


Monica Rambeau ($12)

All Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)

Marvel Comics


Shuri (Gold Chrome) [NYCC] ($12)

All Shuri

Marvel Comics


MJ (Mace) ($11)

All MJ (Michelle Jones)

Marvel Comics

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