Top-10 (plus one) Most-Valuable Spider-Man Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

Marvel Comics


We’re traveling deep into several multiverses with our latest Top-10 list as we eagerly await the debut of “Spider-man: No Way Home.”

The third installment in Spider-man’s MCU arc brings us a slew of great new Pop! Marvel figures, but this is a multiverse, right? So we decided to take a look at the most-valuable Spider-man figures across all of Pop Price Guide.

Remember, estimated values will fluctuate, particularly as we add more and more items and price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Check here for a current list of the most-valuable Spider-man Funko collectibles found on Pop Price Guide.


Top-10 Most-Valuable Spider-Man Funko Pop! Figures


11. Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man 2) ($135)

Marvel Comics



10. Spider-man (Hero Suit) (Crouching) ($160)

Mystery Mini Marvel Comics



9. Peter Parker ($195)

Marvel Comics



8. Spider-man (Black & White) ($340)

Marvel Comics



7. Freddy Parker (Wacky Wobbler) ($470)

Wacky Wobblers Spider-man



6. Freddy Funko (Spider-man PEZ) ($520)

Wacky Wobbler



5. Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man) (Glow in the Dark) ($990 – $1,060)

Marvel Comics


4. Spider-man (Metallic) (SDCC ’12) ($1,400)

Marvel Comics



3. Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man) (Metallic) (Blu-Ray) ($1,640)

Marvel Comics



2. Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man 2) (Metallic) ($1,660)

Marvel Comics



1. Spider-man (Metallic) (SDCC ’11) ($2,320)

Marvel Comics


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