The Most-Pop!ular 2021 Funko Pop! on Pop Price Guide – Loki (Glow in the Dark)

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The 2021 calendar year is drawing to a close, taking with it the final spot on our list of the Most-Pop!ular Funko collectibles owned by you, the Pop Price Guide users, over the past 12 months.

It’s been quite the year at PPG. We’ve added more than 6,560 Funko items to Pop Price Guide –  a list that also includes more than 1,230 autographed collectibles.

But only ONE can appear on the “Owned” list of PPG users. In this year’s case, the elusive Loki (Arrested) (Tesseract) (Glow in the Dark), was the easiest to catch. In fact, since we first tabulated these results on Dec. 22, 21 more PPG users have added him to their collections.

Before we show off the God of Mischief, here’s a look at No. 2-25 of the Most-Owned 2021 Funko Pop! figures by PPG users –



Loki (Arrested) (Tesseract) (Glow in the Dark)

3,995 owns – 515 wish lists ($80)








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