Guest Blog: I Have the Power! Funko’s History of Masters of the Universe Collectibles

Masters of the Universe

Pop Price Guide Squad member Javier Serrano, aka FJaviserr, takes us through Funko’s history of Masters of the Universe collectible figures from Pop!s to Wacky Wobblers and more.

I remember it as if it was yesterday when my parents gave me my first Masters of the Universe (MOTU) figure. That Skeletor action figure rocked my world. It was love at first sight.

One of the most ironically shaped action figures ever, the vintage MOTU 5.5-inch figures were a staple of my childhood. I guess, it was a general feeling ever since Mattel first released them in 1981, as an entire generation grew up shouting “I have the Power!,” becoming Masters of the Universe in a legendary franchise that continues today.


Masters of the Universe


From the beginning other brands desired the license to develop new projects based on the characters from planet Eternia and its follow-up series “She-Ra: Princess of Power.” So, it is not strange that a company founded by collectors such as Funko, wanted to expand its products with this universal franchise.

We had to wait until 2013 to see the very first MOTU Funko figures as Wacky Wobblers. Around the same time, we saw the launch of the Pop! figures as well. Highlights of that time are the Wacky Wobbler limited editions of Skeletor Metallic and Freddy Funko as Skeletor, both from SDCC 2013. Related to Pop!s, my favorites are the members of The Evil Horde, Spikor and Hordak, and how can we forget the white whale Skeletor #19 GITD from Gemini Collectibles.

Masters of the Universe

Remarkable is the 8-inch Skeletor from Hikari and its seven variants. And if you are a treasure hunter, good luck trying to get one of the Freddy Funko as Skeletor (Hikari Series) which was shown at the exhibition Creatures of Lights (2014). There are two different prototypes, and probably one piece of each one.

Since 2016, Funko has been pulling out all the stops related to MOTU, producing new characters as Pop!s and from other lines of products like Rock Candy, Vynl., Dorbz, FunkO’S, Funko Pez, Freddy Retro, Pop! Pins and Funko Soda.

She-Ra deserves a special mention, not only for its Pop! collectibles, but also for its Rock Candy and Soda figures — becoming one of the most wanted figures for Funatics and MOTU collectors around the world.

Street fighter

Back to 2018. Funko launched its own version of 5.5-inch action figures, based on the original MOTU figures from the 80’s. However, its focus was on other franchises. The line was called Savage World, which began with Mortal Kombat characters, and showed off the continuation with new lines featuring horror icons such as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, Street Fighter, Thundercats and Zorn. Sadly, Funko canceled the figures from Conan The Barbarian (1982 film), so we couldn’t put Tulsa Doom and Skeletor together as a new villains’ alliance in our collections.

A year later, following with the same shape and scale, the turn was to DC characters with the creation of Funko’s DC Primal Age Series. The Batcave set is essential, in case you want to collect them all.

Primal Age

Now you can have a proper, in scale, crossover with your favorite Justice League, DC Villains and Masters of the Universe action figures. In addition, DC printed Primal Age #1 100 Page Giant Comic Book based on the Funko Toy Line.

The company from Everett is a licensing genius and a giant on the toy market these days. So it won’t come as a shock if Funko surprises us in the years to come with new MOTU figures and lines that will fill us with nostalgia.

I hope you find this information helpful. Have an excellent week, let me know if you’d like to know more about it in the comments and still shout proudly “I have the Power!”


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