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Bricks & Clicks

We Don’t Give A Funko presents The Pop Swap on Sunday Jan. 16th in Mesa, Arizona


We Don’t Give A Funko is so much more than the 4-inch vinyl figures that we buy/trade and sell. From the very beginning we have been focused on building a community, a safe place and a common ground for everyone to stand as equals.

It was decided that we were not going to make just another Facebook group. With the world being so focused on looking at differences we like to think our group can see individuality and embrace each other with open arms.


Bricks & Clicks


New groups are seen as allies that we can rally together with to build a community and make a “Funko Family.” For some collectors this is what helps them make it through each day, for others it’s a way to bond with their families or to pass down the art of appreciating the smaller things in life.

We are not only an online community, but we also have a public event once a month. Our Pop Swaps have grown exponentially since their inception and we see so many new faces each time.


Bricks & Clicks


The members are able to set up (free of charge) in a designated area collectibles, Pops and Loungefly items to sell.

This enables everyone to make memories with their families. We are truly privileged to have such gracious host Mr. Chad Lundy of Performance Supplements at 1135 N Recker Rd. Ste A-112, Mesa, AZ 85205. Also we cannot forget to mention the best food truck on the planet (in this writer’s opinion) Racks & Balls, they provide the fuel to make it through our day and they also happen to be Funko collectors!


Bricks & Clicks


Our admin team is dedicated to ensuring everyone has a safe and pleasant experience in our group, whether it be online or in person. Scott Brown created the group with input from his current admin team and has brought so much joy to our members through the auctions and pop swaps.

Each auction is packed with giveaways such as: additional Pops, movies, key chains, stickers etc. The auctions are used not only to get Pops at great deals, but also for our members to engage in playful banter and friendly competition. Many of our members bless each other by sometimes gifting the very Pop or giveaway they won to another member that seemed to have formed more of an attachment to that particular item.


Bricks & Clicks


Our members are truly selfless and it warms our hearts to see these acts of kindness. We hope that by experiencing this type of kindness it can be put back out into this world of uncertainty.

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Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks Bricks & Clicks


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