What is Crowdfunding and Why is it Important to Pop Price Guide?

hobbyDB Crowdfunding

Throughout our past three Crowdfunding rounds, we’ve received some questions regarding the campaign itself such as – 

  • What in the heck is Crowdfunding?
  • If I invest in hobbyDB / Pop Price Guide, what does it mean? 
  • How is this different from a donation?
  • What do I get if I invest?

Well, we think all of those are great questions and we’re here to help explain what Crowdfunding actually means for our community.

Equity Crowdfunding isn’t actually a new concept; however it certainly was new to many of us. It used to be that investing in awesome projects and teams making cool things was just for the top 1% (it’s called Venture Capital and then in later stages, an IPO).


Pop Price Guide Crowdfunding


But now, thanks to the US JOBS Act, everyone, regardless of where (besides the three Canadian provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, sorry!) gets the opportunity to own a piece of something great that they love.

Equity crowdfunding opens the door to allow anyone to easily invest in companies that they believe will do great things. When you invest in a crowdfunding round, your investment will grant you actual shares of the company, which means if the company does well, so can you. Your actual share percentage will be based on the amount you invest as well as the company’s valuation of the round. As the company grows, we hope that the valuation of the company will continue to increase, and eventually we can explore two different opportunities for our investors – 

1. Dividend Payments

As we move forward, the overall goal is to become the epi-centre of the collectible world and when possible, pay dividends to our shareholders, pro-rata to your ownership percentage of the company.

2.  Acquisition

There is always the opportunity of acquisition, where you would receive pro-rata payment of the sales price.

When crowdfunding became available, we knew it was the right opportunity for our community. Built by a dedicated team of volunteers and home to collectors throughout the world, hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of the community. Crowdfunding gives us the chance to invite our members that love the site to have an actual stake in the potential success of hobbyDB its family of brands.


hobbyDB Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is not a donation as you are actually buying part of the company.  Nor is it a Kickstarter project. When it comes to Kickstarter, community members are asked to pre-order and pay for a product that has not been made yet. If the Kickstarter hits their fundraising goal, then the brand will move forward with the product and make it. 

Take for example, Oculus which was initially a Kickstarter project – its backers got a VR Headset.  When Oculus was acquired a few months later by Facebook for $2 Billion, the Kickstarter community that originally backed their product didn’t get anything (if they had invested at say at a $20 million valuation they could have made up to 100x their money).


Pop Price Guide Crowdfunding


Wefunder Crowdfunding campaign investors have already seen their share of successes. For example, if you had invested in Checkr, you have made more than 34x your money and an investment in Zenefits would have returned 262 your money!

Pop Price Guide Crowdfunding is your opportunity to get a foot in the door of the Collectible and FanMerch sector that annually generates $500 billion in sales. In an era of heavyweight corporations, investing in PPG is accessible, reasonable/affordable, and a big market opportunity to join more than 1,000 investors that believe in hobbyDB and Pop Price Guide.

To be able to raise funding this way we use Wefunder, a funding portal registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the National Securities Association (FINRA).

To learn more about our vision for the future and to invest, visit our Wefunder Profile here.

To see what our investors are saying about us, visit our Buzz page on Wefunder here.

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    1. Sorry, you cannot. The JOBS Act regulates how a company can do its crowdfunding and it stipulates we have to use an SEC-approved platform. Wefunder is the largest of them and it does all settlements (and they do not even take PayPal as yet, but they do take credit cards).

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