Top-15 Most-Valuable Redhead Funko Collectibles on Pop Price Guide


Happy Redhead Appreciation Day!!

Not to be confused with National Redhead Day (Aug. 27 ), World Redhead Day (May 26) or Kiss a Ginger Day (Jan. 12). If you ask us, every day should be dedicated to our favorite redheads.

So we decided to take a peek at some of the most-valuable Funko collectibles that honor the redheads we love.

Remember, estimated values are subject to change. Click each item to view its current value.

Which redheads are we missing? Tell us in the comments below!


Top-15 Most-Valuable Redheaded Funko Collectibles


1. Phoenix (Mystery Minis) ($890)

Marvel X-Men


2. Ariel and Ursula (Metallic) ($410)

Little Mermaid


3. Alternate Universe Fry and Leela (NYCC 2015) ($380)



4. Conan O’Brien ($340)

Conan O'Brien


5. Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit (Toy Tokyo 2014) ($320)

Jessica Rabbit


6. Merida (Metallic) ($240)



7. Carl and Ellie (2-Pack) [SDCC] ($210)

Up Movie


8. Leeloo ($90)

The Fifth Element


9. Black Widow w/ Shield ($65)

Marvel Avengers


10. Ron Weasley (World Cup) [SDCC 2015] ($55)

Harry Potter


11. Dana Scully ($55)

X Files


12. Rose & Jack (2-Pack) ($47)



13. Pan Am Stewardess (Redhead) ($38)

Funko Soda


14. Lucy ($27)

I Love Lucy


15. Sansa Stark ($22)

Game of Thrones

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