Top-10 Most-Liked Funko Pop! Subjects on Pop Price Guide

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When it comes to collecting Funko, we know what we love. On Pop Price Guide, we want to know which franchises you adore the most.

That’s why we provide the option to “love” each of the more than 86,000 subject pages found between Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB. Simply click the heart located in the top right of every subject page to select your favorites.




But which of Funko’s myriad collections are among the most popular with PPG users? We decided to take a look, along with the most-owned Pop! figure from each franchise, according to Pop Price Guide. Click this link to see an updated list of the most-loved Pop! subjects.

Then make sure to check out the list below and let us know your favorites!


Top-10 Most-Liked Funko Pop! Subjects on PPG – Most Owned per Subject


10. Pop! Television (30 likes) Eleven w/ Eggos (22,944 owns)

Pop! Television


9. Pop! Heroes (30 likes) Harley Quinn (26,694 owns)

Pop! Heroes


8. Pop! Ad Icons (32 likes) Big Boy (Funko 20th Anniversary (11,482 owns)

Pop! Ad Icons


7. Pop! Rocks (33 likes) Slash (12,602 owns)

Pop! Rocks


6. Pop! Disney (41 likes)Buzz Lightyear (20th Anniversary) (19,699 owns)

Pop! Disney


5. Pop! Animation (44 likes)Vegeta (29,335 owns)

Pop! Animation


4. Pop! Star Wars (56 likes) BB-8 (34,184 owns)

Pop! Star Wars


3. Pop! Movies (61 likes)Dr. Emmett Brown (1955 w/ Jumper Cables) (27,262 owns)

Pop! Movies


2. Pop! Marvel (79 likes)Dancing Groot (White) (35,736 owns)

Pop! Marvel


1. Pop! Funko (107 likes)Freddy Funko (Birthday) (4,385)

Pop! Funko

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