Most-Scanned Funko Items via the Pop Price Guide App in August


August proved to be another record-setting month for the Pop Price Guide App, including a Funko Pop! figure that was scanned more than 1,000 times!

That designation belongs to the Star Wars Imperial Super Commando, which tops the list of the most-scanned collectibles this month via the Pop Price Guide App.  From there, the list contains items from across a variety of our favorite franchises from Marvel and DC Comics, to Disney, Team USA Basketball and The Simpsons, to name a few.

Check out the list below. Tell us your favorites and which ones you own in the comments below!

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Most-Scanned Funko Items via the Pop Price Guide App in August


15. Fatgum

My Hero Academia


14. Smiling Seated Stitch (Flocked)

Lilo & Stitch


13. Gorn

Masters of the Universe


12. Scottie Pippin (Team USA)

Pop! Basketball


11. Iron Hammer (Glow in the Dark)

Marvel Comics


10. Michael Jordan (Team USA)

Pop! Basketball


9. Bugs Bunny as Batman & LeBron James as Robin (2-Pack)

Space Jam


8. Cobra (B.A.T.)

G.I. Joe


7. Crash Bandicoot in Mask Armor

Crash Bandicoot


6. Death Stroke (Imperial Palace)

DC Comics


5. Blade

Marvel Comics


4. Stanley Hudson (Warrior)

The Office


3. Belly Dancer Homer

The Simpson


2. Squirtle (Diamond Glitter)



1. Imperial Super Commando

Star Wars


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    1. Most of the times (if not always?) Sticker Variants share a UPC code, so this would be the result for the common and the Fair exclusive.

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