Hot Topic, Hard Rock Café and More Unique Barcodes Added to Pop Price Guide App

Pop Price Guide App

If you are frequently on the road or just want a faster way to find items on Pop Price Guide, we have some exciting news.

Known for its bar-scanning technology, the App makes an ideal tool for performing quick in-store research. It also comes in handy for easy access to collection management features.

For those that collect more than just Funko, we’ve now added the ability to scan Hot Topic’s and Hard Rock Cafe’s unique barcodes. This also includes the ability to add any other unique barcodes. What other brands feature their own barcodes? Share those thoughts with us in the comments below.


Hot Topic


More Features Arriving in the Future

Coming soon we’ll be migrating our ISBN numbers, so that books, magazines and, especially, comics can then be covered via the Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB App.

It’s also our plan to eventually offer image recognition software. That will allow loose items or those without a barcode to be scanned.

Renewed Call for Help

To power the App, our members rely on the hobbyDB Squad of volunteers, who have helped to add thousands of UPC codes to the database. Now we need those Hot Topic, Hard Rock Café and other barcodes added!  Read more about the Squad and how you can join by following this link.

As always, we welcome your thoughts. Share any questions, kudos or concerns below. If you’d like to help us add barcodes, items, prices and more as a member of the Pop Price Guide Squad, message us at

Don’t forget to download the Pop Price Guide App today. Android and iPhone versions available here. And/or you can also use a scanner plugged directly into your desktop!


Download the Pop Price Guide App!


Pop Price Guide App

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