Top-15 Most-Valuable Suicide Squad Funko Collectibles on Pop Price Guide

DC Comics

James Gunn’s version of “The Suicide Squad” has officially hit the theaters (and streaming devices).

We’re celebrating by taking a look at the top-15 most-valuable Funko items dedicated to the DC Comics franchise. For now, the list is comprised mainly of items from the original David Ayer film from 2016, but expect that to change as more and more items from Gunn’s iteration arrive in the database.

Remember, estimated values are always fluctuating, particularly as we add more items and prices to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Click here for a current list of the most-valuable Suicide Squad collectibles found on Pop Price Guide.


Top-15 Most-Valuable Funko Suicide Squad Collectibles


15. Harley Quinn in Ripped Dress ($19)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


14. The Joker (Suicide Squad) (Boxer) ($19)

Suicide Squad DC Comics


13. Enchantress (Black) (Mystery Minis) ($21)

Suicide Squad


12. Harley Quinn (FunkO’s) ($24)



11. Ratcatcher II with Sebastian ($26)

Suicide Squad DC Comics


10. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) (Rock Candy) ($26)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


9. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) (Vinyl Vixens) ($26)

Rock Candy DC Comics


8. Harley Quinn with Mallet ($27)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


7. Harley Quinn (Gown) ($28)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


6. The Joker (Boxer) and Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) (Metallic) (2-Pack) ($28)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


5. Harley Quinn (HQ Inmate) ($29)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


4. The Joker (Suicide Squad) (Grenade Damage) ($31)

Suicide Squad DC Comics


3. Underwater Batman (No Mask) (Suicide Squad 3.75 Figure Line) ($37)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


2. Dr. Harleen ($49)

DC Comics Suicide Squad


1. Batman (Joker) [SDCC] ($20-$70)

DC Comics Suicide Squad

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  1. unless of course you are taking all versions of Suicide Squad into consideration, in which case any character who has ever appeared in Suicide Squad would count.

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