Funko’s Top-10 Most-Valuable Dumbo Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide


It’s International Elephant Day!

Why not celebrate with everyone’s favorite flying pachyderm, the affable Dumbo? While Dumbo turned pink in the original 1941 Disney film, the Funko version comes with many variants from Pop! to Hikari and more.

But which ones are the most-valuable on Pop Price Guide? Turns out there are quite a few, including the top two most-valuable Pop! Disney figures.

Remember, just like Dumbo, estimated values are known to soar and to even out. Follow this link for a current list of the most-valuable Dumbo figures from Funko.


Top-10 Most-Valuable Dumbo Pop! Figures


10. Dumbo (Purple & Orange) (2-Pack) (Hikari) ($21)

Funko Hikari


9. Baby Dumbo ($23)



8. Dumbo (Diamond Collection) ($29)



7. Dumbo (Gold & Silver) (2-Pack) (Hikari) ($30)



6. Dumbo The Flying Elephant Attraction with Minnie Mouse ($35)

Disney Parks


5. Dumbo (Purple) ($45)



4. Dumbo on Casey Jr. Circus Attraction ($150)



3. Dumbo (Metallic) ($560)



2. Dumbo (Gold) (SDCC 2013) ($3,160)



1. Dumbo (Clown) (SDCC 2013) ($5,920)


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