Funko’s Top-10 Most-Valuable Space Jam Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

Looney Tunes LeBron James

It’s been 24 years since Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad sent Swackhammer and his team of basketball-playing aliens back home. Now it’s LeBron James’ turn to vanquish the Goon Squad in the latest iteration of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

There’s an entire roster of great collectibles dedicated to both versions of Space Jam, so we thought we’d call a timeout to examine some of the most valuable Funko collectibles shared between the two films.

Remember, estimated values are always fluctuating, especially as we add more and more price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Click here for the latest list of Funko’s most-valuable Space Jam collectibles on Pop Price Guide.


Top-10 Most-Valuable Space Jam Funko Pop! Collectibles


10. Dom ($31)

Space Jam


9. Bugs Bunny (Metallic) ($37)

Space Jam


8. Bugs Bunny as Batman and LeBron James as Robin ($41)

LeBron James Space Jam


7. Swackhammer ($42)

Space Jam Looney Tunes


6. Funkoverse Space Jam: A New Legacy ($32-$45)

Space Jam


5. Taz (Open Mouth) ($47)

Space Jam Looney Tunes


4. LeBron James (10-Inch) (Walmart) ($50)

Space Jam


3. Marvin the Martian (Metallic) ($55)

Marvin the Martian


2. M3 (Blue Monstar) ($70)

Space Jam


1. Marvin the Martian ($80)

Space Jam Looney Tunes

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  1. Actually it is a lie, it is worth around $95 right now. You do realize that is Marvin from the 1st space jam right?

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