Top-15 Most-Scanned Funko Pop! Figures via the Pop Price Guide App

Pop Price Guide App

Funko’s Marvel Black Light series continues to be a fan favorite, as we take a look at the most popular Funko Pop! figures scanned via the Pop Price Guide App between the final weeks of May and the first week of June.

But it’s not all Marvel. Other recent favorites among App users is Tony the Tiger (Classic), Vanya (Levitating) (Glow in the Dark) and Goku (Super Saiyan 2), to name a few.

Which one of these Pop!s do you own?

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Top-15 Most-Scanned Funko Pop! figures via the PPG App (May 15 – June 4)


15. Red Hulk



14. Goku (Super Saiyan 2)

Dragon Ball Z


13. The Mandalorion (Red Chrome)

Star Wars


12. Stormtrooper (WonderCon)

Star Wars


11. Darth Vader (First Pose)

Star Wars


10. Vanya (Levitating) (Glow in the Dark)

The Umbrella Academy


9. Gambit (Black Light)

Marvel Comics


8. Brand

The Goonies


7. The Atom

DC Comics


6. Rogue (Black Light)

Marvel Comics


5. Splinter (Retro)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


4. Deadpool (Black Light)

Marvel Comics


3. Magneto (Black Light)

Marvel Comics


2. Tony the Tiger (Classic)

Tony The Tiger


1. Black Panther (Mecha) (Glow in the Dark)

Marvel Comics

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