Top-10 Most-Valuable Funko Pop! Loki Figures on Pop Price Guide

Marvel Comics

The God of Mischief makes his Disney + debut this week with the self titled “Loki,” a six-episode series featuring the villainous MCU anti-hero that we all love to hate…and hate that we love.

So what better time to examine the most-valuable Funko Pop! figures dedicated to the nefarious Asgardian.

Estimated values don’t rely on the sorcery of the Tesseract to find their worth, but they do fluctuate, especially as we add more and more price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Click here to see the current list of the most-valuable Loki Pop! figures.


Top-10 Most-Valuable Funko Pop! Loki Figures


10. Loki (Thor Ragnarok) ($55)

Marvel Comic


9. Loki (Frost Giant) ($31-65)

Marvel Comics


8. Loki (The Dark World) ($65)

Marvel Comics


7. Loki (Frost Giant) (Glow in the Dark) ($55-75)

Marvel Comics


6. Hulk Smashing Loki ($110)

Marvel Comics


5. Loki (Ragnarok Helmet) (Marvel Corps) ($110)

Marvel Comics Collector Corps


4. Loki (Black & White) ($115)

Marvel Comics


3. Loki (Arrested) (Glow in the Dark) ($140)

Marvel Comics


2. Loki (Thor: Mighty Avenger) ($360-$420)

Marvel Comics


1. Loki (Avengers) ($1,340)

Marvel Comics

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